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Prayer for Safe Air Travel

July 30, 2014 | 15 comments

With a spate of recent airplane disasters, may travelers wonder if it’s safe to fly? The mysterious loss of an aircraft flying northwest of Australia, the Malaysian passenger jet shot out of the sky by a missile, and an aircraft

Are you ready to soar?

September 13, 2013 | 4 comments

An airplane loaded with passengers was waiting on the tarmac at an airport for permission to leave. The captain finally broadcast over the speaker system that he had received approval to taxi onto the runway and take off. It’s about

Clear the landing strip

May 29, 2013 | 7 comments

I was chatting with a friend about the need to have a ready state of thought to receive God’s ideas that help and heal. We came up with an analogy to illustrate how the human mind needs to get competing clutter