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Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People

February 19, 2014 | 16 comments

Books have been written on the subject. Speakers make a career of talking on the topic. Thousands of sermons have been preached on the quandary: Why do bad things happen to good people? It’s not hard to answer. Bad things

Heal marriage conflict quickly

September 21, 2011 | 2 comments

Marriage is a wonderful experience if done correctly.  Two people united in love can bring great blessings into each other’s lives. But as with most all relationships, there will be challenges, misunderstandings, difference of opinions, flat out disagreements and opposite

God doesn’t war

August 16, 2011 | 5 comments

Are you tired of fighting, whether at home, at work, in the neighborhood or in the world at large? If so, maybe it’s time for a higher sense of how God handles trouble. God never goes to war. Think on

Watch that mental door

December 11, 2009 | 6 comments

I got into a heated argument last night with a good friend. We were planting a tree in the yard and we disagreed on how deep to place the roots in the ground. Our views were diametrically opposed. Both of

Which wolf are you feeding?

May 22, 2009 | 2 comments

Two Wolves One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, “My son, the battle is between 2 “wolves” inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy,sorrow, regret,