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Getting off of drugs

April 24, 2013 | 8 comments

Many people come into the study and practice of Christian Science while taking various drugs for whatever ails them. When they start learning about the glorious possibilities of spiritual healing through the power of divine Mind, they often wonder how

Buffett and Gates’ money

June 28, 2006 | No comments yet

Warren Buffett is donating $30 billion to a foundation run by Bill and Melinda Gates. It’s heartening to see the world’s two richest people joining forces to remedy some major world ills. Much of the funding will be spent on

American healthcare failing

May 3, 2006 | 1 comment

Americans are sicker than the British despite twice the spending on healthcare in the USA as in Britain, a newly published study claims. “Why isn’t the richest country in the world the healthiest country in the world?” study co-author Dr.

Pill pushers

May 2, 2006 | 2 comments

Have you noticed how aggressively pharmaceutical companies have been pushing their pills? Forbes magazine claims Big Pharma’s focus is more market-driven than ever. Billions are spent on ad campaigns aimed at convincing consumers they need more medicine. Drug firms have