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Our loved ones are in heaven

October 8, 2010 | 14 comments

I conducted a Celebration of Life service for a dear relative last Saturday. He lived to a ripe 90 years old, and there was no reason to be sad about his departure. He lived a good life and made his

No death

February 9, 2007 | 3 comments

Here’s a poem that lifts thought to the heights of Life that knows no death. Sent in by a reader… LIFE OF LOVEI do not believe in death;I could not lose my life of Love.If you should cease to see

Life not in a shell

September 14, 2006 | 1 comment

I’m going to conduct a funeral service today for a family in town whose patriarch passed on this weekend. In looking for words of comfort to assure my audience their beloved family member is still alive and well I thought

Funeral notices

August 29, 2006 | 1 comment

Have you ever questioned the phrasing “called to the arms of the Lord” when it is written in obituaries? It troubles me when I read the words for they imply it is God’s will for a person to die, which