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What law of God applies?

May 17, 2016 | 19 comments

When praying for resolution of a problem, it can help to get specific about what law of God applies to the situation you are facing. For example, in math, when presented with a problem, you have to decide what law

Be a successful Christian Scientist first

February 4, 2013 | 8 comments

Many people misunderstand Christian Science. Some think it’s a religious denomination, like being a Baptist, a Mormon, or Catholic. Others see it as an alternative healing method, like acupuncture, homeopathy, meditation, or massage. It’s none of these. Christian Science is

Obey the law or pay a price

June 3, 2008 | 4 comments

The above sign is frequently posted throughout the streets of New York City. You wouldn’t know a regulation exists by the amount of horn-honking you hear from drivers trying to squeeze through every little opening they can in traffic. But

Obey the law

January 5, 2006 | No comments yet

I stopped at a four-way intersection as three more cars stopped one after the other at all the stop signs. As each driver took their turn to pass through, one driver didn’t wait his turn. He zoomed across the street