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it’s all in the mind—the placebo effect

August 27, 2014 | 9 comments

Have you ever wondered how a pill with no medicine in it can relieve people’s pain and suffering? Many scientists are still wondering the same question, and composing numerous articles and pieces speculating on the subject. Mary Baker Eddy had

The body governed by information

September 1, 2011 | 3 comments

Here’s a thought-provoking movie trailer for anyone who believes thought impacts health of the body. The thinkers interviewed are reasoning out from a matter/mortal mind world, but their observations about the impact of information on the body are certainly headed

Knee surgery proved not necessary

August 25, 2010 | 4 comments

Continuing yesterday’s discussion about Bruce Lipton’s book, “The biology of belief”… Another study he shares illustrates the placebo effect of surgery, in this case, knee surgery. He wrote, “A Baylor School of Medicine study, published in 2002 in the New

Placebo vs. drugs

May 11, 2010 | 5 comments

Here’s another article in the growing chorus of reports in recent years uncovering the illusion that certain medicines have curative powers. The New Magic that Can Heal You and Has the Drug Companies Running Scared Mary Baker Eddy had the

Natural cures and the placebo effect

November 16, 2009 | No comments yet

Here’s a well written article on the placebo effect people experience from so-called “natural cure” remedies titled, “Placebo effect behind many natural cures.” The article begins: People looking for natural cures will be happy to know there is one. Two