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Gaining weight and exercise

January 16, 2015 | 5 comments

Have you ever exercised and not lost weight? Maybe, even gained weight? If so, it’s no surprise according to a recent study. An article in the New York Times, “Exercising but Gaining Weight,” published November 12, 2014, was an eye-opener

Silencing False Hunger Pangs

December 8, 2014 | 15 comments

For people who have ready access to food and struggle for dominion over body weight, there’s a subtle fear that might need to be addressed to find that dominion. It’s a fear of hunger. It was an eye-opener for me

Weigh yourself on the scale of Spirit

December 4, 2014 | 7 comments

How much do you weigh? Oops, I’m not supposed to ask that question. Well, I didn’t mean “How much do you weigh in pounds.” I meant, how much do you weigh in the scale of Spirit! That’s the important measurement