Church is not dead

July 19, 2024 | 25 comments

“My church is dead,” a friend lamented after attending a series of church services that failed to inspire him. “What church are you attending?” I asked.  “A church of matter or the church of Spirit?”   I remember a time when

Healthy loathing

July 18, 2024 | 20 comments

Mary Baker Eddy said to one of her household staff, “The healthiest person is the one who loathes sin the most” (Christian Healer, amplified edition, p. 243). Sin is wrong thinking, thinking that deviates from knowing Life in Spirit where

Know who you are

July 17, 2024 | 22 comments

If praying for the healing of physical ailment, it helps to remember that from a spiritual point of view, you are not a sick mortal trying to get better.  You are a healthy immortal reflecting spiritual Truth.   Focus on your

God as head above all

July 16, 2024 | 27 comments

At a time of political turmoil in the highest echelons of government in my own country, I daily pray, “The Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; he will save us” (Isaiah 33:22).

Strive for Love above all else

July 15, 2024 | 18 comments

Mary Baker Eddy wrote to one of her students: “Love is the only and all of attainments in spiritual growth.  Without it, healing is not done and cannot be either morally or physically.  Every advanced step will show you this