Month: March 2008

Evil in reverse…

March 31, 2008 | 2 comments

Here’s a way cool 3 minute video clip that will arrest your attention and catch you by surprise. You have to watch it all the way through to reap the reward.

Deceptive labels

March 28, 2008 | No comments yet

A reader sent in the below. It’s full of useful ideas on removing labels and not stereotyping ourselves or others. I heard the neatest thing today out of a workshop on dealing with troubled kids. In preparing his presentation for

A prickly affair

March 27, 2008 | 1 comment

On the last day of my family’s trip to Southern California last week, we visited the Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree Park is dry desert, but littered with fascinating features and sights that capture the imagination and awes the

Our dog Rhodie

March 26, 2008 | 11 comments

When our family returned from Indian Wells late at night a week ago Monday, we couldn’t find our dog, Rhodie. We decided she was with our neighbor caretaker, and went to bed unworried. The next morning, however, my wife found

A window to God

March 25, 2008 | 3 comments

While observing world class tennis players at Indian Wells last week, I was continually impressed with the precision, control, readiness, abilities and strategy of players. They were experts at their sport, and I learned much from watching them. I also