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Contend for good outcomes

June 16, 2022 | 25 comments

What are you contending for today? Is your thought mightily siding with abounding health, happiness, harmony, peace, and love as natural and normal outcomes of your day’s experience? For the best results, contend for God’s power and presence at work

Mind governs the body

June 2, 2022 | 32 comments

Here’s a thought-provoking statement Mary Baker Eddy made about her discovery of Christian Science: “After a lengthy examination of my discovery and its demonstration in healing the sick, this fact became evident to me, — that Mind governs the body,

Contend for Mind’s control

May 13, 2022 | 17 comments

Contending for the evidence or indulging the demands of sin, disease, or death, we virtually contend against the control of Mind over body, and deny the power of Mind to heal. ~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key

Where are you headed?

May 9, 2022 | 21 comments

It’s important to know where you are headed in life so that you get there quicker, without unnecessary detours. The human mind often sees destiny in material terms, as a career position occupied, a family goal reached, or a worldly

Cure for insomnia

April 25, 2022 | 22 comments

There is much misunderstanding about what constitutes true rest. Many people believe rest comes from material unconsciousness. If fighting insomnia, they may seek a pill to knock them out of consciousness so they can sleep. But then other problems develop,