Category: Happiness

Prayer for summer travel

June 11, 2021 | 29 comments

If you’re headed out on a trip this summer, be sure to start your adventure with a resounding prayer for safe travel! See yourself as traveling in the omnipresence of God, no matter what your destination or means of getting

Be quick to overcome evil with good

June 7, 2021 | 19 comments

“At all times and under all circumstances, overcome evil with good.” ~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 571 Like dropping a hot pan on the stove before a burn is inflicted, be quick

Cherish Love, not resentment

June 1, 2021 | 20 comments

If you’re tempted to carry around a resentment, cherish the power and presence of Love instead. It will have a much better effect on you! As a child of God, you were created to live love, express love, and to

Have no fear of a virus

April 26, 2021 | 16 comments

If you want to stay healthy and well, harbor no fear of a virus! People have been educated for decades to believe that germs transmit disease. They have been taught as little children to fear germs. Teachers, educators, medical authorities,

No dark clouds on your spiritual horizon

April 20, 2021 | 25 comments

Over the last year, I’ve had more patients than ever report feelings of an ominous dark cloud hanging over their heads depressing their outlook, sapping their joy, and creating feelings of hopelessness and helplessness about their future. If this ever