Month: December 2005

Life is not a dream

December 31, 2005 | 1 comment

From a young age I’ve heard preachers and motivational speakers promise, “If you can dream it you can have it!” How many people have pursued their dream and achieved their goal, but still felt like they didn’t “have it?” They

Where to find God?

December 29, 2005 | No comments yet

“Where do I find God?” A woman asked me. “If you want to experience the warmth and surroundings of Hawaii, you have to travel to Hawaii.” I said. “You won’t find the sunny beaches and waving palm trees of Waikiki

Intelligent design

December 24, 2005 | No comments yet

“What’s intelligent design?” my 15 year old daughter asked. “It teaches that God created the universe and made man, as taught in the book of Genesis.” I replied. “Well…that sounds okay,” she pondered. “But don’t many people think God created