Month: December 2007

Our angel

December 31, 2007 | 10 comments

Unbelievable!! Is the best word I can think of to tell this story! I’m in the Blue Mountains with my family for Christmas break. I stay active with my practice, but break occasionally to be out and about with family

That sinking feeling

December 27, 2007 | 3 comments

My son and I went snowmobiling today, but it was not a good day to go out. It had been snowing about an inch an hour for some time where we went to sled in the Blue Mountains. The snow

No shortage of time in Mind

December 20, 2007 | 6 comments

A friend was concerned that he didn’t have enough time left in the year to finish a critical deal he was working on. In a flash on inspiration, I emailed back, “When working in the one Mind, the clock stops

There’s always enough room

December 16, 2007 | 3 comments

A reader sent me the below, which is one of his favorite Christmas stories picked up from a 1966 Reader’s Digest.   The Christmas Invitation Luke 2:7   It was the biggest event of the year in the little town