No shortage of time in Mind

December 20, 2007 | 6 comments

A friend was concerned that he didn’t have enough time left in the year to finish a critical deal he was working on.

In a flash on inspiration, I emailed back, “When working in the one Mind, the clock stops and eternity takes over. There is no time in divine Mind, only eternal opportunities, possibilities, options, solutions and answers.”

This angel message from God has held my attention for a couple of days now, while I strive to mine its deeper meanings.

I like the thought of not working in time, but in divine Mind. Pin

In Mind, time is not a factor, because how fast you get a job done has nothing to do with packets of space called minutes and hours. Success is about listening for ideas, acting on fresh inspiration and following wise guidance. Time has nothing to do with the creation of ideas that get the job done. Mind is the creator, and Mind does not require time to create an idea. Mind’s creative powers are instantaneous.

The ideas we receive are conceived of in Mind long before we notice them.

So, if we’re putting together a deal, finishing up year end business, or trying to get everything together before family and friends arrive for the holidays, we don’t have fear a lack of time. Time is neither a friend nor a foe. It’s a nothing. Divine Mind is our friend, and gives us all the ideas, inspiration, insight, strength and support we need to see our project through successfully.

Enjoy your “time” with Mind!

With Mind in charge, there will be plenty of opportunity to get the job done.

6 thoughts on “No shortage of time in Mind”

  1. I love this insight, thanks Evan. I had a belief of a serious illness recently, and one of the things I really noticed was a painful awareness of time. In this case, time dragged on very slowly. It helped to know that time is an illusion, a temptation to think in mortal terms. I’ve also been tempted to be tyrannized by the belief of lack of time, so your inspiration is helpful in both directions. Thanks, Susan

  2. At what seems to be a more busy time than usual, this is such a wonderful way to look at what we have to do and what will best help us to accomplish everything needed. I love what you said about eternity taking over providing only “eternal opportunities, possibilities, options, solutions and answers.” Thank you so much for the fresh inspiration. I know it will help me keep proper perspective when I feel the pressures of what needs to be done. Sharon

  3. Sooo… does this have similar applications to space too? I’m thinking of all the media hype to expect problems with holiday travel. Just curious.

  4. Aw, interesting question.

    Yes, in Mind space disappears and the fullness of divine Love appears.

    I like to think of travelling as moving from one idea of God to the next. It has nothing to do with space and time. It’s mental, metaphysical activity, and very peaceful when done in a consciousness of omnipresent Love.

    Happy travels!

  5. Hey Evan,
    That was slick! By applying the same concept to travel, I actually got to where I was going before I was supposed to leave the first place. Just the right ideas came along to adjust plans in just the right way to make it an even more harmonious experience. What a fun way to look at travel! Thanks for the ideas…

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