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Conquering self-consciousness

November 16, 2018 | 16 comments

Do you struggle with self-consciousness? Are you worried about what others think, whether you’re doing the right thing in their eyes, or have the right look to win their approval? If so, one cure is to become more God-centered and

God never forsakes us

November 14, 2018 | 17 comments

On occasion, I hear people facing trials and feeling helpless about their plight say something like, “I feel like God has forsaken me.” I remind them that God never forsakes us. It’s material sense that forsakes God. A cure for

Express God in everything you do

November 7, 2018 | 21 comments

If you want to have a day filled with health and joy, make expressing God your #1 priority. While driving to work, rather than counting the minutes it takes to get there, count your blessings and remember where they all

A virtue of patience

October 30, 2018 | 16 comments

“Patience is the ability to count down before you blast off.” ~ Author Unknown And while “counting down” know that God is in control causing everything to work together for good in His good time. The temptation to “blast off”

Conquer worry

October 25, 2018 | 27 comments

“Worry is a misuse of imagination.” ~ Dan Zadra The human imagination can run wild, at times, entertaining all types of suggestions that breed fear, worry and concern. But this need not be. God’s man is not governed or controlled