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Keep moving

January 10, 2023 | 26 comments

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert Einstein Waste no time stagnating in material sense. Keep moving with spiritual sense and enjoy life.

What matters most

January 4, 2023 | 17 comments

What matters most today? If you’re looking for a day of healing, it’s not the material things you get done that matter most. It’s the peace of God you feel along the way! This vlog was filmed in the Great

A glad New Year

December 30, 2022 | 37 comments

Here’s a poem written by Mary Baker Eddy on New Year’s Day, 1910. O blessings infinite! O glad New Year! Sweet sign and substance Of God’s presence here. Give us not only angels’ songs, But Science vast, to which belongs

Good mental health

December 26, 2022 | 29 comments

There’s much talk about mental health these days, and for good reason. Many people struggle with depression, anxiety, confusion, hopelessness, and despair. What to do about it, many wonder. One solution to the problem is to take up the practice

Exercise dominion over food

December 20, 2022 | 26 comments

It’s the holiday season, and concerns about food consumption dominate the thoughts of many. Will I eat too much? Will I eat the wrong thing? Will I gain weight? Are common fears. It helps to remember that we have God-given