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Experiencing moments of perfection

January 13, 2022 | 25 comments

How often do you glimpse heavenly perfection? It’s a glorious feeling and well worth seeking, for it brings healing into some part of our experience every time. As Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Become conscious for a single moment that Life

Live steady on your feet

January 11, 2022 | 21 comments

If you’d like to walk with a steadier step, set your thought more securely on God. The prophet Isaiah shared this inspiration about God’s ability to keep us walking with a firm step and steady balance. “People with their minds

Have no fear of variants

December 7, 2021 | 38 comments

There is mounting fear about the omicron variant which is being tracked and traced around the globe. Infectious disease proponents have long warned that variants would keep appearing, so this is no surprise. What can one do to stay healthy

Keep your mental disc clean

November 16, 2021 | 27 comments

My computer was running slow! I couldn’t get much done, because the programs took so long to load, and web sites were hard to find. “Aw,” I thought. I need to clean up my hard drive. I ran my spyware