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How God heals you

March 5, 2019 | 32 comments

Some people fret over how God is going to heal them if God doesn’t know anything about evil. Fret no more!! God heals us of suffering like the sun removes darkness. The sun knows nothing of darkness, for it is

Be affected by Truth, not by common belief

January 2, 2019 | 20 comments

It’s a question worth asking, “Is my thought being influenced by common belief or by spiritual truth?” In explaining, Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “If a dose of poison is swallowed through mistake, and the patient dies even though physician and

Protection from shootings

December 17, 2018 | 21 comments

There are too many shootings happening. In the United States, almost every week, a mad gunman opens fire on unsuspecting victims in the most unexpected of places. In schools, clubs, concerts, hospitals, newspaper offices, churches, and more, awful carnage has

No fears with God

August 26, 2009 | 7 comments

Have you ever worried about tomorrow, feared for what might happen next, or felt uncertain about your future? If so, there’s a cure for that unnecessary anxiety. The solution lies in understanding the allness and omniscience of God and one’s