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Side with Love, not with anger

November 27, 2020 | 27 comments

If you’re feeling a lot of anger from other people around you, whether about politics, the pandemic, or some other event they are upset about, you can make a choice to stay out of their anger! Side with Love instead.

Thanksgiving Day

November 26, 2020 | 78 comments

It is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, a holiday celebrated in many countries around the world at different dates. Whether you are in a designated Thanksgiving holiday or not, may your day be filled with blessings and reasons to

No need to judge others

October 16, 2020 | 12 comments

If you ever feel compelled to judge your neighbor critically, you really don’t need to. Love them instead! Be a healing influence. The evil we see in others often bespeaks of evil in our own thought objectified into that person.

God is not partisan. God is Love.

October 7, 2020 | 25 comments

What side does God take in an election? I have many friends who stand on opposite sides of the political spectrum with the upcoming presidential election. I like to keep my friends long after an election occurs, so filmed some

Make Love a priority

October 2, 2020 | 34 comments

It’s the remedy for a happy home, a happy marriage, and happy relationships with family or at work. Love! When love is the priority, conversations go better, understandings come quicker, hurt feelings are melted, forgiveness is easier to find and