Category: Safety

Protection from shootings

December 17, 2018 | 21 comments

There are too many shootings happening. In the United States, almost every week, a mad gunman opens fire on unsuspecting victims in the most unexpected of places. In schools, clubs, concerts, hospitals, newspaper offices, churches, and more, awful carnage has

Protect your children from disease

November 1, 2018 | 17 comments

With the recent outbreak of AFM in the United States, a polio-like illness causing disease in children, it’s wise to give some special prayer-attention to the protection of your children from catching such a disease. We are never helpless in

The Eye of the Lord and hurricane Florence

September 14, 2018 | 44 comments

Hurricane Florence is landing on the eastern seaboard of the United States threatening thousands of homes with its hurricane force winds and surges of water from the ocean. There has already been a mass exodus of people from the path

It pays to be thoughtful

April 26, 2018 | 12 comments

“A reckless driver is usually not wreck-less for long.” ~ Unknown There are many different types of roads we “drive” in life’s pursuits. There are highways that take us to new towns and cities. There are relationships we navigate, perhaps

Terrorism is not a new norm

June 29, 2017 | 14 comments

With the frequent outbreaks of terrorism around the world, there may be a tendency to believe that terrorism is a new norm for society to expect and live with. I rebel at this suggestion! Terrorism is wrong. It’s evil. It