Trusting God to meet the need

July 8, 2024 | 13 comments

God meets our need, not our greed.

What God has in Mind for you, is perfect to meet the need of the moment.  

As we set personal wants aside and trust the one Mind to unfold its solution, the supply that best meets the need appears.

13 thoughts on “Trusting God to meet the need”

  1. Thank you so much for your wisdom and care of the readers of this page. To say it is just what I needed to day may sound trite but so true. O look forward to reading the many comments from the listeners which are always insightful.

  2. Thank you Evan … wonderful to ‘look out from Mind’ and see its reflection embraced by all those infinite Mind qualities and attributes ~ what abundance – no mask or mist to hide.

  3. Thank you, dear Evan and for every contribution of this wonderful site. There
    is an overabundance of Good awaiting us, like the overflowing harvest of veggies
    above, for which we all have so much to be grateful. In sharing this love, we brighten
    the lives of others in ways we may never know. I think we are all searching for the Truth
    of God’s everpresence and the love, intelligence of the One Mind, harmony, inspiration,
    joy and peace that we all feel, after reading these uplifting thoughts, taking in the
    beaming spiritual, glorious insights of the graphics and so helpful and enlightening
    comments is a treasure of immeasurable Goodness that comes directly from God’s
    caring and love for us. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again, dear
    Evan and All for the love I feel every time I come here for this thanksgiving of bountiful
    spiritual harvest!!! : )

  4. Thank you very much, Evan for today’s very needed SpiritView!
    “What God has in Mind for you (us), is perfect to meet the need of the moment.”
    That reminds me that God said to Moses “I will give you bread from heaven every morning. But pick only so much up, what you need for a day and not more.”
    So in that sense. I think if they gathered also for the next day, then it became bad, the Bible says.
    Yes let God’s will and intention be done and trust the one Mind only for our real needs, then we have all!♡

    1. thank you J for this “treatment for supply” by Mrs. Eddy. It is very needed and helpful, full of Love!

  5. Truly, this inspiration today is very inspiring. Thank you, Evan .. and J … the talk by
    Susan Breuer is so in sync with the topic today. I love where she wrote, “Because
    God is Spirit, and man, as His image and likeness, is spiritual – this doesn’t make His
    spiritual resources far away from us, but puts them as close as our next thought”.
    I have robins who have built a nest in the vines of my gateway/arbor. They,
    like God, with the gentle caring and love expressed towards us, are so persistent
    in sheltering and protecting the little ones, (that I don’t believe have hatched yet).
    As Mrs. Eddy has written so beautifully in Miscellany, “The bird of hope is singing
    A lightsome lay, a cooing call … And in her heart is beating – a love for all.” And in
    S&H, “Fixing your gaze on the realities supernal, you will rise to the spiritual
    consciousness of being, even as the bird which has burst from the egg and preens
    its wings for a skyward flight”. God provides for we, His/Her children with this
    endearing Love, as do the birds, trusting that their needs will be and are, met.

  6. Yes God meets our needs He supplies us with what is needed even before we ask. I have seen it and experienced it. When I was homeless we were on our last $3.00 and God led me to sort through my piles of mail. Listening to God I came across a check for $6,000.00 dollars which I was able to get food shelter for my 10 children God meets our needs.

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