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No limits on what you can do

March 15, 2019 | 32 comments

“God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis.” ~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 258 There are no limits on what you can do, as God’s

Once you get it, you never lose it

March 8, 2019 | 24 comments

When you gain a new understanding of God, it sticks with you forever. You never lose it. For instance, when I was a youngster, I was taught that God is everywhere. That no matter where I stood, traveled, resided or

Conquer material sense

February 8, 2019 | 21 comments

If you’re wondering how to be a more effective healer, conquer material sense. Mary Baker Eddy, an expert on how to heal through prayer, wrote in her textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “I hope, dear reader,