The light that leads the way out

July 10, 2024 | 10 comments

A friend, who has been praying for a healing of his own, shared this story with me…

This morning, I went outside through the garage to check on something and came back to find a panicking bird flying around the garage. He was freaking out and kept flying from wall to wall and seemed to be ignoring the open garage door opening which was full of light. 

I was able to get into the garage as he landed, and gently talk to him, pointing out the opening full of light. As he appeared to be listening, I noticed he finally looked in the direction of the lit-up opening and flew away to freedom. 

It made me realize that I need to face the light of Truth in thought and fully claim my freedom. 

The material picture of darkness and confining walls might seem at times to hold our attention, but it is a false picture.  Spiritual sense turns our thought from the darkness of material sense to the light of Truth, the “open door,” which leads the way out of the darkness, to our reality with God where all is well.  This is my prayer today.

And likewise, with all of us.  Anytime we feel lost in darkness, there’s always the light of the “open door” of Truth shining nearby.  As we turn from material sense to spiritual sense we find it.  And it leads us to the freedom we seek.

10 thoughts on “The light that leads the way out”

  1. How often I find that our daily SV subject lights up the spiritual path for that day…indeed the flow of wonderful comments ( which I often get back to ) and articles just keep me on the right track .
    The best comfort is that that door from sense to Soul is never closed.
    Thank you Evan and blessed day to everyone.❣️

  2. The light of Truth, guides, guards and governs us throughout our day. The children and the animals teach us grand lessions of Life, Truth, and Love, Amen

    a lot of paraphrasing teehee!

    1. Children and animals teach us to keep it simple..I too love the phrase “guides, guards, and governs” as it covers our needs like a blanket of love..

  3. What a lovely story . I immediately thought about a similar occurrence that happened last night .we had recently moved into.a new house ( set up the side of a mountain ) . A family member came into the kitchen to say a little wren had flown into a window and was lying on the floor with blood from its head and a twisted leg – but alive . I knew this dear man was concerned for the little bird and that the reassurance was needed for his thought about the little bird – as every little bird is held , safe and complete in God’s tender care . I put away any suggestion that the birds well being was anything to do with me – God alone is ALL and every one of His creatures is forever safe and loved .- ( including the dear man who was concerned for the little bird) !
    So – whatever distorted view might be presented to human thought , the spiritual FACT , that God is all was all that was going on. .
    A short time later , as we passed the place where the bird had been lying – there was no bird – the concerned one looked around and was rather surprised- but no hurt or damaged bird was there -as indeed had always been the case !!

    Just Joy —-gratitude —— freedom and rejoicing .

  4. We do, have so much to learn from birds and animals – all of God’s creatures. I have
    seen birds who were stunned by flying into a window, just rest and (perhaps compose
    their thinking, as we do, when we are still and reflecting on our True being).. before
    flying off into their freedom of Loveliness. In winter, I have gently wrapped a limp bird in
    a towel, brought it inside for warmth, saw it’s innate Goodness, free from harm and
    within a short period, when it was ready to fly, released it back into it’s natural state,
    as joyous and uninhibited in any way. Seeing everyone, including birds and animals, as
    God has created them/us, in all of perfection, we help each other to reflect this unconditional
    Love that we all express. Dogs, especially, teach us this Unconditional Love.

  5. Evan says, “Anytime we feel lost in darkness, there’s always the light of the open door of Truth shining nearby.” This is so true.

    I have been seeming to feel that false sense of darkness the past several days. I had to remind myself that, ‘the King is still on the throne,’ meaning that God is still all powerful and all presence, regardless of what error was trying to say to me. I had to identify it as animal magnetism because I could see it was trying to actually keep me from focusing on anything spiritual, to distract me so that I every time I thought of coming here to SV or reading the Bible Lesson I got distracted by something else. I felt a clear resistance to doing what I knew would help me feel safe and peaceful again.

    The open door of the Light of Truth is not just nearby, it is HERE, Everywhere, Now! We can’t even be an inch away from God, ever. Thanks to Evan and all of you for being the reflection of God’s comfort and ever-presence.

    1. I can (mortally) identify with that feeling of darkness that you describe, dear Rose. I am So Glad
      you came and shared, because it brightened my outlook with your loving thoughts. The
      extreme heat seems very depressing, with bugs (mortal mind’s creeping/creepy suggestions
      of destruction of what I’ve tried so hard to produce and the frying from the sun and heat. I
      needed to come here and see things from a different direction… a Spiritual direction of the
      light of God instead of the material sense of brown and withering leaves. These mortal mental
      distractions of being walled in with matter must be replaced with the freedom of Truth and
      Love, like when the bird in Evan’s loving message above, “saw the light” and the way out of
      the darkness. I am so very grateful for these wonderful messages of inspiration! Thank you,

  6. Second look at today’s comments, OPENED WIDE THE DOOR OF THOUGHT, to tonight’s Testimony meeting lesson, with clarity, purpose, and divine LOVE! The story of the prodigal son is present here at home, right now, so what a coincidence for the subject of tonight’s healing readings. JOY!

  7. For today`s SpiritView I am utmost grateful to you, dear Evan!
    This Morning I felt that I needed the inspiration you give us with this healing SV!
    The Christ openes for us this door to the light of Truth, spiritual understanding and clarity and Love!
    Today I could listen to the Online Testimony Meeting, to Mimi Oka`s inspiring reading and all the inspiring testimonies! They gave me very much, so that it was indeed a healing service, as at the end I felt much better than before! I am very grateful for The Motherchurch’s Online Services, also on Sundays.

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