To be successful in Science

July 9, 2024 | 19 comments

To develop the full might of this Science, the discords of corporeal sense must yield to the harmony of spiritual sense, even as the science of music corrects false tones and gives sweet concord to sound.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. viii

A pianist playing a beautiful piece of music on the piano cannot be thinking wrong notes while he plays.  If he does, what his fingers play on the piano will be discordant.  He must be conscious of the correct notes to play beautiful music.

The same rule applies to demonstrating Christian Science.  We can’t be thinking “wrong notes” and play beautiful music.  We must be thinking “right notes,” for beautiful music to come out of our practice of Christian Science.

The “right notes” are thoughts of truth and love, awareness of God’s omnipotence and omnipresence.

A consciousness filled with heavenly harmony, peace, love, and the truth about God, is a consciousness that is playing the “right notes.”  Harmony is the result.  

A consciousness riddled with strife, anger, resentment, doubt, worry, fear, is a mind-set playing the “wrong notes.”  Discord is the outcome.

Play the “right notes” by thinking the right thoughts.  Let the spiritual realities taught in Christian Science captivate attention, and you will be successful in demonstrating its healing potential.

19 thoughts on “To be successful in Science”

  1. SOooooo inspiring & beautiful analogy. We must be thinking right notes for beautiful music (healing/ demonstration) to come out of our practice of Christian Science. Thank you so much Evan

  2. Lovely thoughts of harmony.
    “Music is to the soul what words are to the mind” – Author Unknown
    Both are reflections of God..Soul and Mind…in harmony with the divine, so Beautiful.
    “There is nothing in the world so much like prayer as music is” – Willam Shakespeare
    Love this inspiration! Thank you so much!

  3. Another clear explanation of how to grow in our application of the truth in Science. Thank you.

  4. This is a very helpful and useful analogy for me – thank yu Evan.

    I know that when a pianist is working towards performing a beautiful piece of
    music, he works at getting each note correct, but also studies the whole piece that he working on and seeks to understand the way the composer feels about the music – what he is expressing. And as the pianist is practicing the piece, he looks ahead of each note to the next, and keeps it flowing into His mind, and therefore in his fingers, so that it makes a complete and beautiful performance that will mean something not just to himself, but also
    to the listener. By really loving the piece, and desiring to feel its meaning when the music is played, it is certain to make an impression on the pianist and the listeners.. The love and the beauty expressed selflessly, communicates itself naturally.

    This must be so in Christian Science. We learn the letter of Christian
    Science – the right notes, orideas, – and then we put them into practice, because we love God and His beautiful ideas, and really desire to learn how to put this Science into practice daily. So we study Science & Health with our Bibles on the healing themes we are working on, and study to understand what we need to understand about the work we are learning, through our spiritual senses. We look beyond the letter to the Spirit, and let the spiritual ideas that come to us flow out from its divine source. God knows each step of the way what the next idea we need is, and is pouring each healing thought out to us fluently. We know that the complete and perfect performance is assured as beautiful and inspiring when put it into our Father’s hands, and it brings healing and joy not only to ourselves, but will do so for those also tuned in and listening to the Christ, as we are. I see it as God and His Christ doing the performing, and we as being what is being performed. No personal ability, but naturally being the expression of Soul – pure and beautiful.

  5. Beautiful. A perfect start to this glorious day. Thank you Evan and all for the inspiration. Blessings to all today.

  6. Just as I began reading this , my 14yr. young son began practicing the piano, which can be heard throughout the entire house. as I’m listening to him go over and over and over and …..etc. His perseverance is incredible!! His hands start out fumbling notes ,chords, and phrases all over the place!! However, he doesn’t let that intimidate him. After awhile it begins to sound like the beautiful music it was created to be. This Re- minds me to dig into Christian Science with more perseverance so I can discover the beautiful music God has for me!

    1. Thanks, Evan and Janie,
      The new man is always a beginner, whether studying music or Christian Science. All is new, knowing the omnipotence and omnipresence of LOVE.

  7. I have always found it awesome how people can play music “by ear”, that is,
    just by heart, without notes in front of them to follow. My Dad could do that on the
    accordion and many years ago, he and his friend used to play the accordion and
    harmonica together, both, by ear. It was amazing, but not really – when we consider
    that music follows the same principles (Principle/God) as does mathematics, as well
    as Christian Science. Harmony is always “there”, never lacking, when we are open to
    it’s wonderfulness. Applying the concepts of the notes with or without seeing them
    visually, is like applying the truth (Truth/God) to any situation.
    It has been a while since I have played music by notes, but find it fascinating how tunes
    come naturally in knowing which keys to play sometimes, like remembering words to
    a song, even though it hasn’t been heard in a very long time. I guess playing “by ear” is
    like a quote I have seen and copied down, “Our [L]ove is like a song that only we can
    hear”. In this case, Love shared can be heard by all and that is so beautiful.

  8. When a huge crowd saw Jesus healing sick people, they asked him how do WE do these works of God? Jesus’ answer (from this weeks’ CS lesson responsive reading in the book of John) was this is the work of God: that you believe on him whom God has sent. Believe in Jesus and what he taught, yes. But the “him’ whom God has sent is the holy messages from God to all of us. This is who we really are. The divine us!!

    We know in divine Science that God is the one sending us, or expressing in us, the beautiful harmonious “notes” or inspirations, qualities, goodness in our thought. The wonderful things are what Love is sending us. Whatever the still small voice sends us. I think Jesus was saying not only to believe him, but believe the messages God is sending. How many times do I get a gentle thought to do something, or think something, and it gets shoved aside because it doesn’t jive with what is going on. Why should I drive a different route to work today? “Believe on him who he hath sent”. The real me is obedient. Once I avoided getting stuck in traffic on my usual route. Once I didn’t even know why I was driving to a certain nearby location only to find someone there who needed help. I feel upset about this person’s rudeness. Ah, but believe on the patience and grace that God is sending you continually. I am worried about this friend. Listen to the harmony of Truth and Love that is theirs from God. We are learning to do just what Jesus did. Believing we are the beautiful and good composition God is telling us we are.

    1. That is lovely, Kay. Thank you so much for sharing your responses to the incidents that come up and how the messages that come to deal with them resolve the problem. Practicing the right notes and responses give us the needed peace and appreciation for God’s harmony.

      Maggie. I ;love your last paragraph, especially: “I see it as God and His Christ doing the performing, and we as being what is being performed. No personal ability, but naturally being the expression of Soul – pure and beautiful.”

      Thank you, Evan, for your thoughts that are so helpful and all responders for your thoughts of truth. They are also very helpful.

  9. Thanks, Evan and all! Yes, we are all God’s “composition,” reflecting Him in “countless spiritual forms,” as Mrs. Eddy tell us!

    Warm regard to all,

  10. Thank you, Evan, for this piano lesson…it is sooo right on.
    I am on jury duty. To see spiritual sense is my job. Like one playing the piano, one can only focus on the right notes to hear perfection played. Harmony, one mind, is going on in this courtroom. The expectation for the right outcome is all that is going on.
    I am grateful to you, Evan, for these lessons.

  11. I enjoyed the article and the comments. As a keyboardist myself, I must always think “ahead” to be able to convey the composer’s wishes. But the result is so often for me a feeling of much gratitude that the composer has left me this beautiful music to play. And when you think about it, we all know the ultimate author and maker is God. As an organist, I truly love the hymn that says, “Take my hands and let them move at the impulse of thy love. Take my feet and let them be swift and beautiful for thee.”

  12. we all need this message today and everyday and I’m so grateful for spiritual view and the participants and the founder and author Evan .thank you dear

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