Month: April 2008

Eckhart Tolle and "A New Earth"

April 17, 2008 | 42 comments

Have you heard about Oprah’s latest addition to her book club, Eckhart Tolle’s, “A New Earth?” I had so many inquirers ask me what I thought about the metaphysical work, that I picked up a copy at an airport a

The Daffodil principle

April 15, 2008 | 1 comment

A inspirational story forwarded by a reader… Several times my daughter had telephoned to say, “Mother, you must come to see the daffodils before they are over.” I wanted to go, but it was a two-hour drive. I promised a

Val Kilmer: Mary Baker Eddy and Mark Twain

April 14, 2008 | 2 comments

For any of you Christian Science history buffs, here’s a short film (11 minutes) Val Kilmer produced on some of Mark Twain’s opinion of Mary Baker Eddy. It’s a new slant that hasn’t received much attention in the past.

"Thinking about women" series

April 4, 2008 | 4 comments

The final parts in the podcast series, “Thinking about women,” on that I participated in have been posted. Part 5 Almost everyone knows what it’s like to want to shake a bad habit, unsuccessfully. If you’re honestly trying to

Adjusting to the light

April 4, 2008 | 3 comments

Last week, the children and I went on a 40 mile snowmobile ride that took us up to the Bone Springs warming hut in the Blue Mountains. There’s around 10 feet of snow in the Blues right now, which is