Month: August 2009

A call on your practice

August 24, 2009 | 3 comments

Do you ever get upset by other people’s shortcomings? Do you get angry over their imperfections, bad habits, or undesirable character traits? If so, then you have an opportunity to be a healer! And where is the first place to

Looking for a husband?

August 21, 2009 | 4 comments

I got permission from a friend to share her story of a recent experience she had while wrestling with not having a husband around to help. She’s a single woman, and happily so, but… She wrote: …In thinking through a

Something to be grateful for

August 20, 2009 | 1 comment

One of the liberating truths Christian Science has helped me understand over the years is that happiness attached to Spirit is endless. Happiness attached to things, status and position is fleeting. I remember in my early days of youth, that

The ugliness of complaint

August 19, 2009 | 6 comments

I was browsing in a Bible bookstore today looking for a translation of the Bible. It was a pleasant atmosphere to be in. The single employee in the store was very gracious, helpful and in good spirits. I was in

Responding to meanness

August 14, 2009 | 4 comments

Have you ever struggled over how to respond to someone who is flat out mean to you? Sometimes people get offended when no offense was meant by the other party. And sometimes people get upset because malice, false accusation and