Month: November 2009

The church of Spirit

November 22, 2009 | 8 comments

I’m going to worship in the church of Spirit today. Oh, what a delightful place to be! The church of Spirit is not a place on this earth, a building of stone, or a portal on the Internet. The church

Keep your kitchen clean

November 20, 2009 | 5 comments

This morning I found lessons in comparing the importance of keeping a clean thought to keeping a clean kitchen. I asked, “Why do good cooks keep a clean kitchen?” And answered, “Because they don’t want the food they prepare to

No pain in immortality

November 19, 2009 | 8 comments

A week ago, at the end of a very active work day, feelings of sickness started to suddenly take over. In minutes, I entertained the suggestion, “Oh no, here comes a horrible cold or flu and you are going to

The "I want" list

November 18, 2009 | 7 comments

Do you have a list of “I wants?” Many people do. I want a new IPOD. I want a new cell phone. I want a new car. I want new clothes. I want to earn more money. I want more


November 17, 2009 | 4 comments

I put word verification on my comments a couple of months ago to prevent automated spam comments from coming through. A reader recently noted that they had a hard time posting comments because of this. So, I’m wondering if anyone