Month: June 2015

Take possession of your body

June 23, 2015 | 16 comments

It was two minutes before I was to go on stage and lecture before a very lively audience ready to hear a message of hope and healing. As I mentally double checked that I was ready to go, I felt

Bite the tongue of criticism

June 22, 2015 | 20 comments

Over the years, I’ve worked hard at not being judgmental. I’m still working on it! The temptation to render judgment on a neighbor who acts contrary to one’s expectations can feel so compelling at times. But Jesus wisely taught, “Judge

The purpose of life

June 19, 2015 | 8 comments

People often struggle with finding purpose to their life. And they often look in all the wrong places. Some seek it in fortune, others in fame, and many in raising a family. Finding a satisfying career, success in one’s profession

God forgives you

June 17, 2015 | 14 comments

God is a forgiving God. This truth is so precious to understand and accept! It means that God never holds any sin against you. Ever! No matter how bad of a crime you commit, no matter how cruel you were