Month: July 2006

Keep your thought fresh

July 15, 2006 | No comments yet

A pond that sits in isolation with no fresh stream feeding it grows stale, stagnant, and unfriendly to healthy life. “How do I break out of my rut of stagnation, continual problems and suffering,” a concerned man inquired. I asked

You can’t buy happiness

July 12, 2006 | No comments yet

Catch this from the Washington Post: A wealth of data in recent decades has shown that once personal wealth exceeds about $12,000 a year, more money produces virtually no increase in life satisfaction. From 1958 to 1987, for example, income

Testing the depth

July 10, 2006 | No comments yet

“Never test the depth of water with both feet.” The above proverb caught my attention on a reader board I saw in Spokane, Washington, this weekend. If wondering how deep a pond is, you don’t jump in with both feet

The perils of cloning

July 7, 2006 | 1 comment

It’s been ten years since Dolly’s birth, the lamb that was cloned in Scotland. Time magazine reported this week, “Dozens of animals have been cloned since that first little lamb—mice, cats, cows, pigs, horses and, most recently, a dog—and it’s

Be free

July 4, 2006 | 4 comments

July 4th is Independence Day in the United States, a time when US citizens celebrate their right to self-government and self-directed sovereignty. There’s an even greater freedom than political and religious rights, though, that people the world over can celebrate.