Month: March 2022

Prayer is about discovering reality

March 22, 2022 | 15 comments

If you’re ever tempted to think, “It’s hard to pray!” it may be time for a better understanding of what prayer is all about. Prayer is about discovering spiritual reality. It’s about seeing and acknowledging what God created. God is

See God’s spiritual creation

March 21, 2022 | 26 comments

Do you see problems all around? See God’s spiritual creation instead! Jesus Christ taught his followers to look beyond material appearances to spiritual reality to discover the truth about any given situation. He taught, “Do not judge according to appearance,

Grateful for Sunday school

March 18, 2022 | 22 comments

I am very grateful that my parents took me to Sunday school when I was a youngster. It’s where I learned about God, how much God loves me, how to pray, how to heal myself and others, and how to

Find peace in spiritual understanding

March 17, 2022 | 16 comments

If you’re looking for more peace in your life, you can find it through understanding divine Science. Divine Science is a knowledge of Truth. As Mary Baker Eddy wrote, Through divine Science, Spirit, God, unites understanding to eternal harmony. The