A cure for burn out

January 18, 2022 | 33 comments


Are you feeling burned out? If so, there’s a spiritual cure.

Take a closer look at why you’re feeling burned out, and it’s likely rooted in trying to please personal sense.

Personal sense is personal wants, desires, and demands of the human mind that may be coming from other people or from yourself.

“I want you to do this for me!” comes a demand, and the unwitting personal sense jumps to its feet and runs to meet the need without first questioning whether it’s the spiritually right thing to do or not.

If personal sense is allowed to operate unchecked, it tends to increase its demands over time until the person trying to meet those demands feels “burned out,” trying to keep up.

One learns over time that it’s impossible to please personal sense. It is never content!

The cure is to act on spiritual sense, rather than personal sense.

Spiritual sense always sees the need of the moment in spiritual, rather than material, terms.

When the human mind demands, “I need you to do this job now,” spiritual sense jumps in and reminds thought that the most important “job now,” is to stay spiritually minded and tuned into divine Mind’s wisdom and direction that decides when to do anything that needs to be done.

Divine Mind is not harried, stressed out, worried, fearful, or intimidated. Divine Mind determines its own schedule and reveals the best way for everyone’s needs to be met, which may or may not be the way the human mind is outlining.

When one consults spiritual sense first, and puts personal sense aside, better decisions are made, peace is retained, and time is used more constructively that brings better results.

There is no burn out when acting on divine Mind’s direction. It brings peace, health, happiness and continued spiritual growth.

33 thoughts on “A cure for burn out”

  1. Thank you Evan!
    My first response was, “I can’t have but out because I’m semi retired”
    Then as I read your SV, remembered, only last week I made a prayerful decision to approach “problems” with an angel response rather than a mum one!
    So often I feel the need to sort things out, personally.
    The real need, as you point out, is to seek the spiritual thought.
    The last verse of Hy 85 addresses this perfectly,
    “All the way that we must go
    We will take at Thy direction,
    Where the floods of trouble flow
    Find Thy perfect, calm reflection;
    On the path that has no turning,
    Patience, courage, meekness learning.

      1. oh Shelagh, I loved your reply although I too was thinking about this post from a work point of view the demands often from our loved ones can be just as much personal sense. And I have to thank you for correction at the bottom because I hadn’t noticed the typo at the top and went back to see what I had missed. I actually burst out laughing which is a wonderful start to my day thank you both Evan and Shelagh

  2. I have found that fear causes strain, drain, and pain, wasted time worrying/ruminating, and escalating problems. Love inspires, encourages, empowers, comforts,. Love improves problem-solving while love de-escalates problems, and creates or uncovers win-win-win solutions blessing all. Beginning each activity or decision, and beginning and ending each day, with gratitude and refocus on and rededication to living right values as God’s reflection, prevents burn-out. To the degree I am being humble and loving I cannot burn out. To the degree I express love as others can understand and feel it, they are not wasting energy being defensive and burning out or tuning out. And our invested time and energy is more effective, efficacious, and gracious. The planning, process doing, and the results and relationships energize, harmonize, and comfort us— preventing and replacing burnout.

  3. Miscellany p 165 -19

    What am I? to the scientific response: I am
    able to impart truth, health, and happiness, and
    this is my rock of salvation and my reason for

    Burn out, erase from thought all that is unlike God.
    God is the true eraser. God is Truth, needing no

  4. Thank you, Evan, for another beautiful SV. I always find that when I rely on Divine Mind for direction, I can possibly make a mistake. Many years ago, when I got lost on the highway, I reached out to God for direction. I found myself making turn after turn, but it was as if God was driving the car. And I always arrived at the right location.

  5. We may not feel “burned out,” but we might feel confusion, or distress, or anger, or fatigue…. Today’s grace-filled SV, beginning with the lovely & peaceful photograph of walking through a quiet, snow- covered forest, puts us on the confident path guided by Love.
    Thank you, Evan, and all. Edith Gillis’ comments resonated especially.

  6. We don’t have time to burn out since we each have eternity with infinite Good, Love, guiding and providing us. No place for burnout in heaven. No mortal will to burn.

  7. I keyed in on this statement in today’s message, “Divine Mind is not harried, stressed out, worried, fearful or intimidated.” If we recognize we live in Divine Mind, we’ll see that we also cannot be any of those things.

    “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu
    Found this quote on the tag of an herbal tea bag; wisdom can sometimes come from unexpected places. Peaceful day to all!

  8. I so appreciate all,Evan and all
    I am reminded of yesterday’s SV and dear Angie’s
    posted article by David Kennedy. So helpful I’ve printed it out.
    Check it out!

    1. This is a wonderful article Angie and this whole subject is what is needed, Evan. I have been feeling bogged down by friends talking about their personal problems and their distress over the world’s problems even though I ask them not to give me the news in such explicate forms. I felt they are undermining my spiritual sense of things. Well, it looks like personal sense was using me to be feeling upset with them. I love the answers presented in this blog. I can see that personal sense is giving me, myself and I the wrong message. and I was listening to that instead of trusting divine Mind to give me the answers to help them or to give the answers to them. We need to get rid of the personal sense of things or others and be guided only by “the Truth that makes us (all) free.’ By the Love we all reflect from God.
      Thanks, to every one of our SV friends.

    2. What a wonderful article as well as the Sentinel article shared; “It’s all Good, Nothing Personal”. I am really enjoying all the reviews as well. All the people who post in SpiritView always post great information.

  9. – “Fill in the blank” is the result of believing in another creator besides God, another intelligence and power to which we yield obedience.”
    – “Good is all that’s present, and we turn our thoughts toward God, being willing to hear whatever He’s saying, and then yielding to it. Start believing more in what God is showing you than in the things you see or that bother you.” – Jenny Sawyer
    – We all have the God-given ability to exercise our dominion and see what IS – see the health, harmony, completeness, safety, and immortality of God’s creation that is the ONLY reality. We have an obligation to see things as they ARE, rather than as they APPEAR to be.

  10. Divine Love, God, is clearly being expressed here.
    And, fact is: Everywhere! (Why fuss over illusions!)

    Or names?


  11. I watch little news, but last night on MSNBC, I learned about the horrific volcano that exploded deep in the Pacific Ocean with Tsunamis in the Fiji Islands where the land is flat with no place to go to on the islands – volcanic ash as far away as Australia and even Chile. AND the heatwaves in Argentina and Uruguay that I have been praying with Christ dominion to cool the earth – so far the week of predicted 120 degrees that would have killed trees, wildlife, and people without AC only got as far as 110 and 113 degrees that is able to burn the green growing edges of trees, only happened in one part of Argentina in 2 days, but not as devastating as predicted. Please join me in lowering the temperature there to life staining, pleasant weather. And then the anti-Semitism in Texas where 3 of the hostages, including a rabbi managed to escape. God bless them all!!! I was on the verge of overwhelm during the 6 PM news when I took a moment to be still and remember that OUR GOD is INFINITE and way bigger than any of these circumstances. That thought calmed me down. I prayed again and at bedtime, I slept sound all night. God is good. And a powerful presence in our lives. I am so grateful for Evan and Spirit View and being connected to all you good hearts – I can feel your love!!!

  12. Lisa, I’m with you in praying to know that God’s balancing truth is powerful and present in Argentina and Uruguay (and everywhere). No excess and no deficiency, just divine Love meeting their needs.

    Also good to hear of your healing of overwhelm by taking time to be still and listen. I like this quote I heard recently from author Anne Lamott:

    “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

    -P.S.- If you’d like, let us know how you’re doing with your new non-profit. Several of us had shared in recent days here on SpiritView that we’d be happy to assist in some way.

  13. Thank you very much for the shiny gemäß you are giving us here in SpiritView, dear Evan! Am happy I learn more and more to listen to God’s admonishes and guidance..
    Thanks to all inspiring comments and Angie’s steady present ing us wonderful articles from JSH. Love to all!♡

  14. Thank you for this cure for burn out. I was feeling extremely overwhelmed this day and did not handle the pressures correctly,

  15. Very much needed on this Monday morning, Evan. Thank you for a bit of calm, and redirection of my thoughts. Very important, and the truth.

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