A more elevated view of MRI

April 17, 2024 | 31 comments

A patient reported that she was getting an MRI so a doctor could look for something that might be wrong in her.

I thought about the term MRI for a moment.  I knew it was an acronym for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, but that was not a helpful term for metaphysical reasoning.  It focused on matter, rather than on Spirit.  

I listened a bit longer.

M.R.I.  Mind’s Reflected Image.  Aw, now that is a helpful concept to ponder, I decided. 

Mind’s Reflected Image is an image of God’s spiritual man where there is only the goodness of God to observe and see.

This patient’s MRI has already been determined, I thought.  It’s perfect.  There isn’t anything to see in it, but the presence of God’s purity and perfection.

The patient happily reported later that the MRI came back clean.  There was only good news to share.

31 thoughts on “A more elevated view of MRI”

  1. That’s really good Evan – see through the false material picture to the spiritual reality !! thanks

  2. Thank you Evan! That’s very helpful as I am supposed to have an MRI soon. “Mind’s Reflected Image”! That’s great! I will certainly be holding on to that thought. Thank you for SpiritView and thanks to all those who comment with more of the Truth.

  3. Evan, thank you, that is how we should all think: “Mind’s it Reflected Image”, what a wonderful thought!
    It would certainly sound much better.

  4. Thank you Evan, that was a real angel message for me this morning!! So appreciate Spirit View ! Thanks again for always lifting our thought up !

  5. Thank you for this.
    As God’s reflection we can only experience what’s in the source, which of course is God.
    We can only see, feel and know only God. God is all.

    Thank you so much for MRI, Mind reflected Image. I love that

  6. I wonder if you could ask ahead of the visit the people who will be giving the MRI if they can use your digital or online recordings of Christian Science hymns through their sound system that you can hear through the metal-free earmuff headphones they give you. If not, the same way they talk through their mic to reassure you or ask how you’re feeling if they could play your cell phone or tape recording of hymns by the mic. Either way, you can listen more intensely focused and sensitively to the inspiring, healing ideas God is lovingly giving you each moment. Or if you can tell yourself ahead of time a message you can associate with the clicks or whatever sounds that might come up that you can intentionally use as prompts and reminders of God’s all-knowing, all-seeing Good.

  7. I love that acronym of Mind’s Reflected Image, Evan. Thank you! The hymn #324
    came immediately to mind – “Take my life, and let it be Consecrated, Lord, to Thee.
    Take my moments and my days, Let them flow in ceaseless praise.” The thought of
    reflection in the moving waters, like a peaceful river where mortal thoughts are
    swept away, replaced by One Mind’s harmonious stream of purity and perfection
    resonated with such clarity of what is truly God’s image being reflected in us.
    Hymn #323 on the opposite page was also very comforting in reflecting Mind’s
    image — “Sweet hour of holy, thoughtful prayer, Thy peace and calm may we improve,
    And in God’s healing service share The truths revealed by His dear love…”

  8. Thank you for this. I have been requested to have an MRI in the coming months and was pondering how to handle it. I appreciate your higher view that doesn’t decide for us or have any judgement attached, Rock on!

  9. Today’s message reminded me of the spiritual truth that no one can see anything in us or about us that is different from what God sees. Only what He created can be perceived. Blessed day to everyone.

  10. Thank you, Evan! That’s such a beautiful Inspiration, and healing too. There was nothing in matter/of matter to make evident/make more evident. MRI: Mind’s Reflected Image. I love that!

  11. Hello, and thank you to everyone!
    Can someone share ideas or title of an article that would help to free one self of the medical imposition that wants us to go see a doctor to find out what is wrong with us?

    1. I love acronyms. Thank u so much for this one.
      My daughter moved an hour away for a better job a few years ago. When I would visit the drive was long with traffic and I dont like to be distracted by the radio. I started playing a game. While driving I would try to make spiritual abbreviations from License plates. Here in California we have 3 letters and then 3 numbers. The one I still see quite often is FIG. . .faith in God. It helps keep my thinking on the right path. I still do this whenever I drive anywhere.

  12. Dear Helene, I was thinking about your question and find the link that Martine shared very
    helpful. (Unfortunately the link you shared, Joan, does not open for me. Maybe does for others).
    In Martine’s article, it states, “the fact that God governs all”. The way I understand it..
    would be like trying to see what is wrong with God. With we all, being reflections of God,
    that would make us all expressions of Him/Her. There could never be anything wrong with
    God, because perfection is impeccable, therefore as understood in CS, our True being is
    also perfect.
    I had/have a beloved friend who is now held gently in the arms of Heaven – “Harmony; the
    reign of Spirit; government by divine Principle; spirituality; bliss; the atmosphere of Soul”
    (Mrs. Eddy’s definition). On my way home today, with the vast open spaces, she sweetly
    came to mind, as she always loved the freedom of open spaces. She used to be in the medical profession, but towards the “end” (- there really is no end), became more and more inclined to think spiritually, although she said she had to “unlearn” a lot of what she had been taught throughout her career… i.e. looking away from matter rather than trying to diagnose or see what
    is wrong in the mortal sense of things. It seems in this “mortal world” of understanding, man is seen to have limitations of health, wealth or anything opposed to God, but in Reality, we reflect all
    of our God-given attributes which are spiritual.

  13. First commandment,.. Thou Shalt Have no other God.. finally hit Home, that the only definition for SIN was to believe in.. another.. God, so it knocked Mortal Mind..completely out of the True picture.
    So instead of seeing evil , disease etc, on that revolving door of thought, God Aces it all the time, with Her full house intact…Remember Star Wars,, the set looked like card board boxes spray painted silver and button were black or red, that the MRI machine only depicts a fictional play and we’re hired to play the mortal roll. However much we try we never get the part. We’ve beamed up forever with everybody else. We’re there for cheering up the technicians and nurses, with smiles.
    Thank you for great insights…all ways

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Evan! I am printing this to keep with me. Next week I am having some tests done and possibly an MRI.
    Am no longer worried about the outcome!

  15. Thank you Evan for this view of the MRI – Mind’s Reflected Image. It is what we all are. No matter what “tests” the medical profession asks for, that is all they really can see since God, good, is ALL there is.

    Thank you Joan and Martine for the wonderful articles. They are keepers and will be used a lot. I had never before gotten the view that I didn’t need to fear what “my” flesh could do to me when reading Ps. 56:4: “I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.” I had always thought of it as what “other” flesh (people) could do to me. Something new to ponder.

    Angel, I loved the thought of the reflection in the river being so calm and healing. Thank you all for your comments.

    1. Thank you, Pat, for your kind words and for finding the article link that works, that
      Joan had suggested. A great article. Thank you both. Yes, I love how nature, God’s
      creation and sometimes with mankind’s help, as in Pond and Purpose in Misc. Writings,
      where Mrs. Eddy describes her pond as a “smile of Christian Science…that will always
      mirror their [her beloved students’] love, loyalty, and good works.” So lovely

  16. Thank you,Evan! This is so helpful, both for the specific acronym and the example to look for a higher view.

  17. This one worked for me. I love the articles shared. Read them before bed every night. Thank You. At my daughter’s insistence I was required to get an MRI to prove that nothing was wrong from a hearing specialist. I did and during the time I was required to be in the machine I had to hold very still. So I kept my thought on every spiritual thing I could remember repeating silently to myself and felt at peace. They found nothing. and I got the required paper from the DR to get hearing aids. I didn’t purchase them. I found I don’t need the hearing aids and I can hear clearly in conversation with others. I love your MRI acronym Evan. Thank you.

  18. God is scanning you… and all He/She sees is GOOD…
    Let Spirit bear witness to itself..

    “The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit,
    that we are the children of God” Rom 8:16

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