A Travel Prayer

September 26, 2019 | 22 comments

Do you ever travel? I’ve traveled extensively over the decades and have learned from experience that travel goes much better when started with a prayer.

Here’s a “travel prayer,” vlog I’d like to share with you that came out of a recent trip my wife and I made.

To give you some background, from her youth, my wife dreamed of traveling over the Alaska Highway, which begins in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and ends in Delta Junction, Alaska. With a few years planning and lots of preparation ahead of time, we did it! Well, mostly. With several side trips planned, our route over the Alaska Highway was in segments, but we drove the vast bulk of it, which turned out to be a 5500-mile round trip from our home in Richland, Washington.

Traveling in our Ford pick-up with a small RV trailer in tow, we camped along the way, often at the foot of majestic mountains or on stunning pristine lakes in remote locations. It was a trip filled with inspiration, and as a result, I produced around 20 vlogs recording some of these inspirations to share with you.

The first is titled, “A Travel Prayer.”

We’re home now, and the trip is behind us, but I look forward to posting more of these vlogs over the coming weeks.

I hope you find them helpful.

22 thoughts on “A Travel Prayer”

  1. Thanks, Evan – I am seeing this ten minutes before leaving for an early-morning flight today. Perfect timing, and great ideas.

  2. What a wonderful post to keep in mind for extensive trips as well as daily ones!
    I love the quote from The Message at the end, too. Many thanks.

  3. Thank you Evan…I really appreciate this as I am feeling apprehensive about personal relationships during a 18-day trip overseas quite soon. I’ll watch this again and look forward to all the other vlogs you made while away!

  4. Thank you very much, Evan. This is a wonderful and beautiful vlog. Susan and I have been traveling all year long with more joyous trips planned ahead for the service of God. I agree with the above reply on the daily trips we take. Thank you, everyone, for sharing.

  5. Cool, Evan!

    Here’s my “Travel Prayer” from Psalms 107:

    they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he bringeth them out of their distresses.

    He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still.

    Then are they glad because they be quiet; so he bringeth them unto their desired haven.

    Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!

  6. Thank you, Evan. I love the viog especially the sound of the water splashing against the shore. I look forward to your coming vlog series.

  7. Thanks Evan! I am planning a road trip north to Indiana to see family late October. I will use this idea of a travel prayer in preparation. Any idea to get closer and stay with Divine Mind, God is perfect. Happy trails!.

  8. What a gift for travelers! Here is what I pray with before and while traveling my journeys:
    “Be allied to the deific power, and all that is good will aid your journey…..” (Unity of Good by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 17) And so it has proved in all my travelings. I’m so grateful to be traveling at one with deific power! And so is everyone else on the highways of travel, air, land, or sea!

    I especially appreciate what you shared about health.
    Thank you for sharing of your heart’s rich overflow, Evan. You and Kathy inspire us all.

  9. Enjoyed your vlog Evan! Thank you! I like the idea of a travel prayer just like a daily prayer to prepare for the day. Often things don’t go as we humanly plan them and sometimes they go better, much better than we could have planned them ourselves. God does a pretty good job…lol. :).

  10. Lovely prayer for the adventure of life too! I am applying this to my career as well as the early morning flight my wife and son on are right now.

    Thank you!

  11. Thank you for TravelView! What a wonderful trip. I’ve been there through the experiences of others. Those who have made that trip always have enjoyed all those wonders.
    I learned that it is illegal to pass a vehicle in distress because of the danger if temperatures fall and occupants of a disabled vehicle aren’t able to stay warm. The early days of that long road would have required more than one set of tires and far more time to traverse what was once an almost impassable road in places. Wilderness has been made somewhat more accessible.
    The contributions for this morning are wonderful from all who expressed their gratitude.

    I wrote on yesterday’s SpiritView as I was too early to visit today’s.

    As little as I’ve ever traveled it is far more than many other’s. Still it’s a freedom to do so.
    Perhaps someday I’ll realize the funding required and the opportunity to travel. For now I have National Geographic, Smithsonian and other insightful explorers exhibiting wonderful places where ordinary people have no access.

    “Peace be still, stranger thou art a guest of God”

    For now I’m traveling the heights of Mind. Exploring the realm of Spirit. Through the scriptures and the writings of inspired authors, testimonies and life experiences. Looking for a single uplifting thought.. I’ve uncovered a glimpse of some of these treasures. If there ever was an infinite gift of Love it is this vision..

    Sighing over the world and all it’s glorious wonders gives place to the desire to see all things spiritually. Indeed the wonders of Alaska and many other places from pole to pole.

    God loves the world. And gave it to men to inhabit, for a dwelling place. And mostly to reflect His presence in it. May I walk over the earth with Love along it’s pathways. With humility, reverence and praising or dear Lord.

  12. My favorite travel poem for many years is from the October 1979 Christian Science Journal
    FOR THE JOURNEY by Darren Stone Nelson
    “Before I leave I know
    Mind has circumference and center of my way
    already marked and blessed. Although the map shows here is far from there
    (and who can dream what detours there may be?)
    Love has set forth its presence everywhere.

    Safety obtains not by some geographic point
    or through condition of the sea,
    air, road, circumstance; Spirit is taking care
    of how I move, have being, and attain my rest.

    I know before I leave
    Mind has already met me where I go.”

  13. What an inspiring vlog and also the comments and poems shared. About 4 years ago my daughter and I traveled in her motorhome headed for the Alaskan Highway. We made it as far as Dawson Creek and circumstances at home required us to head back. But I was extremely grateful for the time we had shared and the places, especially in Utah, we visited. This spring she was able to make that trip spending about 3 months enjoying all of the beauty and I have shared the experience through her many photos. What a blessing Christian Science is for guidance and protection wherever we may be. I am so grateful, Evan, for your providing this blog for the sharing of inspirations from all of us.

  14. My sister and I TRAVELLED THE Alaska Hwy some years ago…
    In September. We travelled up the Inside Passage. The colours and
    Contrasts were unforgettable. Thanks for the prayer….helps in everyday traffic .

  15. yes, i travelled many years ago by plane, by train and longer distances by car.

    Today I always prepare prayerfully before I am driving off. Am driving a lot. Then I know clearly that God is on my driver’s seat and leading me safely my way where I have to go to. I also know then that God guides the whole traffic safely and harmoniously.

    Thank you , Evan for your travel prayer, which is nicely detailed. You prayed for the right preparation, for your health ( very important) and for the safty of everybody on that gorgeous trip on the Alaska Highway. That surely must have been utmost interesting and wonderful!
    Am also looking forward to your Vlogs from this wonderful great trip, Evan, thank you so much!

  16. I did a 9000 solo Jeep trek across the US three years ago. Even detail was harmonious! I’ve decided that my life’s motto is:”Life is Love’s Divine Adventure!”

  17. Like you, Evan, I have travelled a great deal and always pray a travel prayer as you do–and a very similar one. I particularly like Ps. 139:9, 10, (especially for those really early flights!) and have shared it a couple of times when seated next to a first time or fearful flyer.
    “If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.”

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