"A Treatment for Every Day"

July 19, 2012 | 2 comments


Many students of Christian Science have been given a copy of “A Treatment for Every Day,” with attribution to Mary Baker Eddy as its author. She is not the author! And if you’re curious, here’s an article from the Mary Baker Eddy Library explaining its background.

2 thoughts on “"A Treatment for Every Day"”

  1. Thanks, Evan! I received this some years ago and, though I have no quarrel with most of what is said in it, I just didn’t think it “sounded” quite like Mrs. Eddy’s writing style. In fact, I didn’t think the writing style was consistent WITHIN the document. Now I know why! ~ Robyn

  2. Some of these refs. are in Gilbert Carpenter’s collection of items given to MBE’s household. Her writing was usually short and to the point, unlike the analysis and complexity of S&H. Searching periodicals only leaves out much of her notes to individuals.

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