Accept only what comes from God, Part III

March 31, 2010 | 6 comments

Continued from the previous two days…

So, I’m writing about not accepting whatever society dishes up for us to consume…

Jesus Christ taught, “Watch!” A command which I translate to mean, “Watch for the good! Stay spiritually alert. Remain spiritually minded. Stay aware of your spiritual individuality made in the divine likeness. Keep your mental eyes wide open to spiritual truth and you will not be victimized by evil suggestions that want to deny God’s goodness at work in your life.”

Watch for the good! Accept only what comes from God.

When sitting in front of too much food for reasonable consumption, yet hearing in the background of thought, “You should eat all this,” I defend myself spiritually from overeating by knowing that I have everything I need coming from God to be happy, satisfied and content. I don’t need to eat extra food just because someone served it to me, I try to remember. This truth helps moderate human appetite and settle one into a routine that is not gluttonous or gastronomically harmful.

The same rule can work in any situation where we are served undesirable portions of fear, worry, anger, or temptation to err. If the “serving” is not coming from God, we don’t have to accept it. We can leave it untouched by our fork. Don’t dig in!

Because of our unbreakable relationship to God, good is constantly coming our way to be welcomed, embraced, accepted, lived out and expressed. Like tuning into the television station you want to watch, one needs to keep their mental antenna tuned into God’s goodness. When we do, the rewards are immense. We are not so tempted to take in whatever the fears of the world want to impose upon us. Our understanding of truth will consciously and unconsciously resist evil suggestions and protect us from their intent.

So, as you go through your day, you might start to notice how many helpings of error are put before you with the expectation that you are to dig in and consume it. Other people’s fears, prophecies of suffering, warnings, threats, health concerns, hereditary beliefs, economic worries, internal angst, and more, are all helpings of evil you don’t have to accept. Put them off and refuse to take them in.

Just because it’s put in front of you, doesn’t mean you have to consume it!

6 thoughts on “Accept only what comes from God, Part III”

  1. Thanks, Evan — I think you may have written this just for me. Really pertinent. I love all your spiritual fruit you share with all of us. So grateful to you for listening.

  2. Thank you so much for these edible thoughts! And, the opposite is also true. When we feel that we have not been served enough. Are not getting enough food, money, love, etc. We have an unlimited supply and are continually sustained by Divine Love.

    In fact, if we are faced with a belief in lack of any kind we are just eating the wrong food. Instead of eating a limited sense of Life, we must turn to the infinite. There can be no lack there!

  3. Hey Chad,

    Great point! You are right. When mortal mind dishes up “You lack,” we must not consume that lie either.

    Thanks for pointing that out!

  4. Thank you, Evan. I just emailed this article to my daughter who is experiencing an onslaught of negative predictions, concerning her son’s health condition…I wish I could have encouraged her with these thoughts you so elegantly expressed. It’s as if you could hear my prayer…but, I’m glad God DID, and gave you the “job” of delivering His answer!

    With Love,

  5. You would not eat a meal with food you did not care for. You dont have to accept the error presented -reject deny and affirm the truth . Push away the plate!!

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