Acts of unselfed love

February 25, 2013 | 4 comments


You’ve got to watch this short CBS video! It’s a winner. It’s a Steve Hartman piece about Mitchell and his moment of triumph and glory…

There are so many spiritual lessons in this Video Clip.

Mitchell was worthy.
The coach wanted to recognize and honor Mitchell’s love of basketball.
The whole team pulled together to help Mitchell reach a goal he could not reach on his own.
They were willing to sacrifice the game to help.
Despite all the efforts of Mitchell’s immediate friends to help him, he still failed to make a basket. So the opposing team put aside their goal to score more points, and instead let Mitchell have another chance.
In the end, the team that won the game didn’t matter. The privilege – to witness two opposing teams, along with coaches, help Mitchell and see Mitchell make the basket – was worth more than any number of points anybody else on either team could have made. In the history of that high school’s basketball team, the game would soon be forgotten; but Mitchell’s triumph would be remembered forever. It was the outcome, of unselfed love by so many people who cared about Mitchell, which counted the most.
How many Mitchells are in your surround right now? Do you recognize them? Do you walk by them so busy in your personal goals that you don’t notice their struggle and how you can help?
Like the feeling of ebullient elation and triumph those basketball players and fans felt when Mitchell finally made a basket, you’re going to feel eternal triumph and victory, too, when you help the Mitchells of your life out.
The world is full of Mitchells. What the world needs more are people who stop, notice, and take steps to help.


4 thoughts on “Acts of unselfed love”

  1. Great video!
    I loved it. It reminded me of a time several years ago. I was working a middle school cross country race. I looked across the pond and noticed a girl in the leader pack had something trailing her. Next thing you know the whole pack of 8-10 kids (all from different schools) were stopped.
    I found out later she had a knee wrap that had come undone and she finally couldn’t go anymore and had to stop. When she did, the rest of the pack decided simultaneously to stop, let her get rewrapped and fastened again and then finish the race. I was so impressed with their love and sportsmanship. Any one of them could have bolted and easily won the race but they all chose not to. Mthey knew that would have been a hollow victory.

  2. Thank you so much for showing us this video, Evan. I was deeply moved by the lovingkindness of those kids. It is a lesson for me, too, to be more thoughtful and giving.SAS

  3. I could not get to the video from this page – got a message that it had been removed – but was successful using this address:
    If anyone else has that problem, hope this helps.

    Great video – very inspiring – what a beautiful proof that man is the child of God, good, and that his natural state is Love.

    Thanks, Evan

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