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January 1, 2013 | 6 comments

I love it when God speaks powerfully through our young children.
Here’s a (then) ten year old Brazilian boy singing “Amazing Grace,” that will add joy to your New Year’s day.

6 thoughts on “An inspiring video”

  1. You KNOW he understands what he is singing…the Christ has touched his heart for sure. This is so precious, so earnest, and when I watch it, the chains of sense just fall off. I’ve been set free!!! Love this, thank you for sharing, Evan. HAPPY NEW YEAR! God crowns you with his goodness!

  2. Beautiful, heartfelt..and coming from a child makes it so touching! A wonderful way to start the New year-with love and gratitude for God’s dear blessings that rain in our lives! Thank you Evan for your wisdom and teaching this year through the Spiritview. It is a blessing

  3. Again “OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES” Some day, a complete turn around will be made in the USA. The first Black Man became the President, then, hopefully when 2016 comes around, the first woman, AND THEN “A CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM” the first child shall become President of the USA.

  4. Thanks Evan for this. It heals or brings respect for each other [interfaith respect].
    I am so grateful that Mrs. Eddy, our beloved Leader, taught us to respect others because we are all one family of a good Father-Mother Love. I am giving this comment because as I was watching and listening CS lectures in YouTube I happened to see Mrs. Eddy’s photo and the title is RETROSPECTION AND INTROSPECTION by Mary Baker Eddy. [This is AUTOMATED and produced by a certain REV. LUX NEWMAN recording. I’ve read the comments underneath and I couldn’t bear their words. I didn’t feel good about it. I was saddened. Then I remember how she was able to withstand all the yellow journalism she bore in her times. Then I found myself praying the BEATITUDES and I felt much better. What made me mention it here is to ask, How does the COP counter these kinds of stuff? Thanks for any enlightenment on this.

  5. After i posted the comment above it came to me that we don’t need to kindle the spark in any way to counter nor do we as CSts ignore issues that need to be attended to. And there it was, the solution, CS Lectures are published in YouTube. In fact I viewed/listened to the Lecture of Chet Manchester about Mrs. Eddy’s life and works that had been fully acknowledged in those times. I am happy to share this Mind answer and if anyone has more ideas, please share. Thanks.

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