Are you looking for the blessing

July 30, 2010 | 4 comments

While attending the Humor Conference at Silver Bay last June, I watched one of the speakers put his audience through an interesting exercise to prove there is a lot more good going on around us than we realize. But we have to look for it to notice it.

Amongst an audience of 400 people or so, he asked us to look for red objects in the room. We all looked around and found several people with red shirts, perhaps caps or scarves or something else with a hint of red. It was an easy task to accomplish.

Then he asked us to look for yellow objects. No problem, there were several yellow shirts, dresses and images on the walls that had the color.

Then he reminded us what happens when we buy a new car. “Did you ever notice that everyone else on the highway has the same car you do? But you never noticed that car until you bought one?”

“How true,” we all nodded in agreement. We could easily relate to the feeling.

And so his point was brought home, “There is a lot more going on around you then you realize, and won’t realize, until you make a point to look for it. And once you identify with it, it pops up everywhere.”

I’ve thought about the lesson in the context of finding health, peace, supply and love. It’s all around, but do we see it?

To see it, we have to look for it, notice it, honor it. Once we do, it appears in all kinds of places that we never noticed in the past.

God is omnipresent blessing. We live, move, breathe and swim in the omnipresence of divine Love. Love’s graces are everywhere to be found, and we’ll find it if we look.

It’s like the cars on the highway. Until we start identifying with a particular car, we probably never noticed that type of car much. But once we at-one with a particular brand, suddenly, we notice it everywhere.

Are you looking for God’s blessings? They’re everywhere too!

4 thoughts on “Are you looking for the blessing”

  1. I love this, Evan. It reminds me of a comedic story I heard shared by a comedian one time ….. we’ll be walking along the street, and see someone we haven’t seen in a long time, and say “WOW, isn’t it a SMALL world that we should be bumping into each other here.” But how often do we walk up to someone we’ve never seen or met and said “WOW, I’ve never seen you before in my whole life! What a BIG world!” A little giggle, but brings home the point of what we notice and acknowledge ….

    Thanks for this post!

  2. Thank you, Evan – yesterday I was feeling a little blue about not having a husband and not particularly feeling God was my husband. I was in a very full parking lot and there were no spaces when a man walked by his hands were full and he pointed to his car. I backed up and had a very convenient parking space. I have found that when I am looking so see husband expressed in my life He pops up in all the right places!!

  3. This is great. Reminds me to consistently acknowledge my oneness with God. And daily identify with all spiritual goodness mine/ours by reflection. Thanks Evan

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