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  1. Good day Evan and group. Thanks for today’s topic. God is Love. Man reflects that Love in Goodness. M B Eddy says “Love is reflected in love” Living, practicing Science in a simple way, in everyday life we are kind. It is seen in simple gestures. A smile, a warm greeting, a hug, loving words, a welcome, tolerance, understanding, giving way to a greater … These are simple things, so easy to do but that help others in an infinite way. With kindness we can change someone’s day. How many times did someone get up vulnerable, disturbed, fearful and cross paths with us who, with an expression of kindness, make him return to the reality of goodness How nice it is to be kind, cordial, solicitous! To practice goodness, to practice Science. Today is a wonderful reminder. Blessings to all.

    1. Thank you Evan for this simple, but delightful thought for the day. The graphic reminds me of a kaleidoscope of beauty, ever-changing with good. Simple random acts of kindness as Gustavo suggests can be so comforting to those shared them with. Have a great day Everyone!

  2. The colorful graphics made me want to wear this! I was thinking of a t shirt but I’ll just try a warm smile, some laughter sing or hum a few notes, write some thank you notes, cook something delicious just for starts.,

  3. Thank you, Evan for the follow up SpiritView of yesterday.

    Today when shopping I experienced kindness everywhere; at the hairdresser, the post office etc.

    At a supermarket when I had to pay, I had some cents less then the price was. The woman behind me at the counter where to pay, said, oh I have have those cents, I will pay the rest. I thanked her lovingly and cheerfully and she smiled back. Those where only a few cents, but the kindness and love count!

    As Gustavo comments today so true, Love is seen in so simple gestures, which can change someones day into God`s day of Love! Thank you Gustavo for your lovely comment!

  4. Yes, kindness is he sunshine in our lives, whether it is our giving it or receiving it! It is the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If everyone lived this, what a beautiful world we’d have! (And we do have it in the spiritual sense.)

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