Be clear on what is right

July 26, 2018 | 6 comments

“There may be a wrong way to do the right thing, but never a right way to do a wrong thing.”

~ Unknown

6 thoughts on “Be clear on what is right”

  1. what an interesting thought, thank you Evan for making us think about this a bit more! 🙂

    But as we learned and still learn in Christian Science, and what Evan always is pointing out, is, that God, and only God is the source of a l l right doing. And God leads us the path to right thinking and consequently also to right acting. Our prayers to God will show us the right way! God is the allknowing, allacting, allwise and allloving!

  2. Thank you Evan for the opportunity to wake up and read your gift to us…. and a chance to ponder more Truth. Thank you also Uta for you additional comments and more Truth to soak up and cherish …. today I will be thinking rightly and acting rightly!

  3. Thank you Evan. This post really makes me think about having confidence in doing good without being self righteous about it.

  4. Thx Evan. This reminds me of a related statement: The right thing, done at the wrong time, is no longer the right thing.

  5. We need to be crystal clear on what is right. The world may play tricks to tempt us into doing wrong in the right way etc… Everyone does it so why not you??? Nothing wrong in doing something which everyone does…it doesn’t harm anyone…etc..But a wrong is a wrong under any guise.
    Honoring God and doing the right is the stand one should always take. Since if we are with God, with Truth, then God will fill our treasures and nothing good will be with held from him that walks uprightly. Before doing anything ask yourself…Will this please God, if answer is “No” never go ahead. When the Kingdom of God reigns within us, what more do we want or need?? Everything good follows us without asking…

  6. Thank you for reminding me of an experience I had that taught me so much. Years ago I got myself into an uncomfortable situation far away from home. I was so upset I called a Christian Science practitioner. She told me to study this wonderful idea by Mrs. Eddy, “KNOW (emphasis added) then that you possess sovereign power to think and act rightly and nothing can dispossess you of this heritage and trespass on Love…” I was so strengthened by this idea and corrected my course and came through that experience unscathed. There is so much power in a single right idea. I’m so grateful God pours “the richness of his Love into our understanding.” As usual a wonderful, helpful posting Evan. Sorry to be late in seeing it and responding.

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