Be wise about what you take in

July 30, 2020 | 23 comments

“The press unwittingly sends forth many sorrows and diseases among the human family. It does this by giving names to diseases and by printing long descriptions which mirror images of disease distinctly in thought. A new name for an ailment affects people like a Parisian name for a novel garment. Every one hastens to get it.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 196

With the phrase, “Every one hastens to get it,” I do not believe Eddy meant that most people purposely hasten to catch a disease. However, I think she did mean that many people soak in the latest news about disease with gusto, not realizing that to fill one’s mind up with details of disease is to open one’s experience to catching it, since thought governs the body.

Just as the press unwittingly sends forth its reports of disease with graphic details, readers unwittingly soak those details in not realizing the baneful effect of harboring images of disease in consciousness.

So, be wise! Just because something is reported, doesn’t mean you have to let it become recorded in your experience. Keep your consciousness disease-free and health filled. Know the allness and goodness of God! It’s the happier and safer way to live.

23 thoughts on “Be wise about what you take in”

  1. Hey..this is a captivating picture Evan for a very important message!. So many times I ask my husband to turn off the news on the tv or radio these days and we’ve stopped buying daily newspapers too. As everything starts to ease here in the U.K. and we meet more of our friends and family I like to introduce the line ‘well there’s a positive side to this..or that..’ whenever I can , whilst claiming the constant ever presence of Gods Love for all mankind. This blog hits the right spot constantly too so thank you Evan . You are blessing everyone.❣️

  2. I love the picture too. Very captivating. I love dogs, they are so intelligent and fun.
    I am not captivated by the news. I dont read or watch. a ‘news’ item. The daily on line monitor is where my news comes from and of course our daily lesson sermon which is full of news. God’s news has to be good so why read a paper or watch a ‘news’ item we know is on shaky ground and mostly untrue.

    Thank you Evan for all your posts. I find each and every one helpful.

  3. Thank you Evan for today’s post. And all of them, so timely.
    I do not watch the news and haven’t in quite some time its always so depressing, never a ‘feel good story, sometimes I tune in at the precise time for the weather but I’m off right after. I also love listening to the Monitor,
    Stand porter at the door of thought.

  4. Thank you so much dear Evan for your spiritual view of the special situation. When TV shows the records and inform us about pandamic I at least press the mute button. But then to choose the safer way to live, namely knowing God’s allness and goodness, that is neccessary and the neutralising effect of the error, which is contributing to worldwide healing!

  5. Thank you, Martine, for the comment and link you shared this morning on yesterday’s blog. The article Substituting Truth for Criticism was excellent and just what I needed when praying for family members and deciding what they “should” or “should not” be doing —according to my mortal opinion!.
    And thank you, Evan, for today’s reminder to not allow news reports or other sources of negativity to “take us out of the Kingdom of Heaven”. — as my grandma used to say. Much thanks to all who comment every day! This blog is a blessing beyond what words can express.

    1. Thank you, Angie. I printed the article and will have it at hand to read wherever and whenever needed.
      Thank you, Evan for the “thought” and the delightful picture.
      I canceled the paper years ago as I didn’t want to start my day with disturbingly told news in “hyper print” staring up at me from the driveway in the morning.
      Yesterday I called a mobile phone company for further information – was put on hold and instead of the usual nothing kind of music I was literally assaulted with aggressively recorded Cor – news. Aghast for a short moment, I hung up.
      For the same reason I do not purchase gasoline at stations with news blasting over your head while filling the tank.
      Hard to shut this all out, but absolutely essential. I must refuse to let this burrow into my thinking and instead immediately KNOW that GOD always wins.

    2. I had a good chuckle today at today’s picture – thank you Evan. 🙂 And Angie, thank you for the article. Had a good chuckle when she says “You got to be kidding” about the dog…lol. Thank you for all the wonderful thoughts today! :):)

  6. The media has to sell us a disease or ailment before they can sell us the cure. Therefore the ads usually spend a longer time describing the illness and much less time on how the product will “cure:” it. THEN comes all the warning about possible side effects———even death!
    How blessed we are to know how to turn to and rely and the Truth.

    1. Your comment, Helen, aligns with my experience about descriptions of disease. Noticing names of cures are given unpronounceable names, but you’ve hit the deception square on the head, there is no cure presented, just the hammer “buy, buy, buy” whatever “this” is . Blatant lies selling snake oil. Dwelling in the Kingdom of Heaven protects and leads each of us to spiritual sense where there is healing. My goal is to wake up and turn off the mortal messages being presented to me. Thank you Evan for leading the way to accomplish this.


    What if the ads said this?!?!

    We are in the midst of a major shift in world thought
    on all subjects, and this is the biggest one, huh.

    And we Truth-followers, thinkers, doers, are on the front line, doing what only WE can do! Let’s Keep Up The Good Work! Thank you all, Fellow Warriors, for doing your part.

    “Truth is on the March! And has already won the (illusive) battle with… the illusion of evil!! (Whew!)
    But we have to know this… until it is 100% clear!!

    Pets represent this in our “earthly” experience.
    I love to laugh & the picture gave me my first laugh of the day…
    Staying in the Kingdom of heaven is wonderful advice. What a wise grandmother.
    Ever vigilant, Evan & thank you all, as always.
    Good thoughts are an impervious armor as MBE says.
    The World needs our prayers & good thoughts.

  9. From experience i have learned that to just silence the tv or radio commercials is not enough. Thats like just sticking your head in the sand. One must go further mentally and declare what God knows to be true concerning the lie in that advertisement or commercial that they are trying to get you to believe.

    1. Very true Dave. The same holds true with the news and opinions regarding every aggressive mental suggestion. We must detect, uncover and deny the lies/illusions that are being spread that way as well. Often with my breakfast, I’ve found that hearing discussion of last night’s tv program or what has been seen or heard on the news or radio commentary, be it regarding government (it is only God’s law that has power) or handling of contagion (thank you Evan for your treatments of that), etc.— it needs to be heard but not taken in our thought as the Truth or given any acceptance but handled mentally. Not always easily done verbally, but in my thought a necessity.

      Mrs. Eddy states: “To put down the claim of sin, you must detect it, remove the mask, point out the illusion, and thus get the victory over sin and so prove its unreality. The sick are not healed merely by declaring there is no sickness, but by knowing that there is none.” (SH 447:24)

      I too love the picture. Dogs are true companions and give love so well and uncompromisingly. They are also very inquisitive as the picture shows. 🙂 Thank you for your thoughts in your blog and vlogs, Evan and for the wonderful thought from all the comments. They are a great aid to growth spiritually.

  10. Evan,
    Thank you so much for your inspiring messages each day! Every day the message is so pertinent and needed!

  11. Every moment of each day Truth is available. The mortal perception is in the media. Keeping track of disease and death in direct opposition to what we’re working to eliminate.
    Listen for the voice of Truth through the suggestions of mortal mindedness. No, we don’t have to listen or be in-flu-enced by the media. The strongest listen and rebuke each lie with the opposite Truth. This goes on continually;.
    The difference today is the massive deluge of information through mass media. Yesterday in the nineteenth century descriptions of disease were seen as a harmful, planting of error. There were fewer avenues and far less people. Still it was understood by our leader as a threat to health.
    The power of prayer exhibited here today offsets evil and all it’s claims. “And this to shall end”.
    It truly never did exist. The battle is over. God is on the front lines. Evidence of this is the easing of numbers. Evil, now that the battle is won, is marching forth with vials and pills as usual. Trying to claim the victory.
    One by one we extend the truth to those we meet each day. Never forgetting to pour in the truth with lovingkindness.
    Thank all of you anchoring in unity of purpose, fighting the good fight. .Your understanding and prayer have made a difference. Standing together gives tremendous strength and power.

  12. Good Morning Evan,
    Good article and so true. We need to feed our spiritual self with good and kind thoughts. I also do not watch much of the “news” and usually turn it on to get the weather report. Also what types of books we read can and will affect us too. I remember an old saying “Garbage in garbage out!”

  13. I have made a decision to count blessings and not cases as I am in Victoria, Australia, where we are in stage 4 lock down. Thank goodness for the CS Monitor and its wise focus on points of progress.

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