Are you bossed wrongly?

October 25, 2013 | 14 comments

Have you ever noticed an internal voice bossing you around in a negative way?

A voice that might command instructions like, “You don’t have enough time; get tense. Be nervous because your boss is upset. Worry about tomorrow. Your throat is sore; expect to get sick. You ate too much; get ready to suffer.” And on and on…

There are many names for this nasty imposter. Carnal mind, mortal mind, and evil, are a few identifiers. But whatever you call it, it needs to be reigned in, gotten under control and shut down, because it can get really bossy at times, and it’s always against our best interest.

I like to think of God as the Boss of my thinking.

God is the one Mind that gives us the capacity to stay conscious of healthy, edifying, uplifting and beneficial thoughts. As children of God, we have a divine right to claim this mind as our own, to see it govern our thinking and to keep our consciousness in a desirable place. So, claim it!

The carnal mind is not a power that can push the divine Mind’s influence out of our thinking and make us submit to unjust decrees. Mortal mind has no power or influence compared to the divine Mind. But we need to understand this and demonstrate it.

So, if you’re feeling bossed around today by an unfriendly mental antagonist, it’s time to honor a new boss—the divine Boss—God! Recognize the presence of divine omnipotence, and let God boss that negativity right out of your consciousness and experience. The mental error will submit, and leave you in peace.

“Resist the devil, and he shall flee from you.” James 4:7

14 thoughts on “Are you bossed wrongly?”

  1. Seriously, Evan, I never used this Blog to ask you, for myself, how to do this. As I have written before, I am home bound and bed bound with the utmost desire to demonstrate any which way I can, C/S. I have 8 of the most loving Nurse Aides as one can find any where, but they are not C/S and therefore rely completely on pills, food and other material health laws. It’s almost impossible to practice C/S, do my lesson, read from the many web sites of C/S without being bom-bordered with a million medical health laws. I was thinking of asking a Practitioner for prayerful help to escape all this, but isn’t that practically impossible with all this medical junk be pushed down my throat? I really need an answer to this. It seems to come easier to young persons but I have never heard of older people of 77 years having it easier who might be in my situation. Do you, Evan, have any ideas?

    1. Hi Tobias,

      I can certainly sympathize with your situation and see that it requires extra diligent, tenacious and emphatic guarding of thought to keep outside belief systems from imposing them on your consciousness. But you can do it. Christ can do it!

      Remember, you are not alone. It’s not Tobias, with a little human mind, that has to make this demonstration. You have the Mind of God to defend you, protect you and keep you in a good way. A key to success, is for you to be listening more frequently to the one Mind, and not to the countless medical minded opinions and beliefs circulating around you. You have to be like a light bulb–radiating spiritual truth, and not like a sponge, soaking in opinion, fears and beliefs. You can still love all your helpers, but you don’t have to love all their beliefs.

      Much love,

    2. Hi Tobias,

      According to the record of the civil registrar 61 is my age. Furthermore mortal sense tried to convince me that I can never walk again, all sorts of fear occupied my thoughts more hours than the minutes I acknowledge that I am one with Life. One day I was led to download all the recorded Historical Christian Science lectures from Christian Science .com. From them I found answers to what I haven’t long understood. Our oneness with God is our consciousness as reflection of God. Mind does the reflecting, not man.

    3. Tobias,
      Of course talk with a Practitioner. God is in control, not the medical atmosphere you seem to be in. I faced a problem that I knew would have to involve the medical profession. I asked my Practitioner how I could approach that and the answer came “just love the hell,(error) out of them”. I did, and also everyone else I came in contact with. I then started to feel the love being returned, from everyone!
      God is in control, and God is good. I’ve been around the sun a few more times than you. My situation is stabilized and I’m engaged to be married in January.

  2. Evan, I love the way you pinpoint challenges to our thinking in such a matter of fact way. As to facing long term health challenges, it comes to thought that a thousand years are like a day, a blink of the eye, to God, however restrictive situations may feel to us. The God who holds us tenderly and firmly is not overwhelmed by human circumstances. Improvement is occurring, even if not yet visible to us, when we are making a consistent effort to know God better. A present need for medical support is no barrier to God. It would be great for someone home bound for the moment to have regular visitors who share and support the Christian Science world view, to counteract the feeling of being surrounded by the medical perspective. I already feel that I spend time with the gentleman who commented above on a daily basis because of the many insightful comments he posts here and on the Daily Lift. Love the new set up for your blog and the Facebook page.

  3. Thanks, Evan, Your article reminds that we can say to error, “You’re not the boss of me!” lol I heard kids say that on the playground when I was teaching A different version of, “Get thee behind me , Satan!”

    We can remember that each and every one of us is spirit – anything that seems real here on earth has nothing to do with the free and wholly spiritual being that we really are. That being cannot be affected by anything material – it remains untouched – that is our reality.

    It’s like when a storm tosses the waves around at the surface of the ocean, deeper down where the fish are, it’s calm and they are unaffected.

  4. Thanks Evan. Really helpful. The voice of mortal mind (the dinosaur brain), can seem like the voice an inner roommate, and can be a real tyrant. If a consultant told you what it says you would fire them. The voice is not who you are, and you don’t have to believe it. Christian Science is wonderful because it gives us an alternative, the still, small voice of the Christ, which is best heard in mental stillness and awareness, and which is not dependent on time, on human effort, or human reasoning. When a claim meets the Christ, the healing takes place. The Christ is always present, but it is our conscious realization of this that does the work.

  5. DEAR Tobias: You can always be so grateful for the 8 caregivers and how they help you, but you can always be the grateful disciple who rises above the medical opinions, continually making God “the boss” of your thinking—-have God “fire” all those negative, downward thoughts—and rise, rejuvenated, a wonderful example of God’s supportive, ever, ever loving care for you.

  6. Right now I’m just trying to take in all the good thoughts that have been shared. Thank all of you! Whenever the tv bombards me with with medical stuff I just find it helpful to say “cancel,cancel” or “Shut up”!!! I often try to make a noise to blot out what is being said. Quietly I could say “God is all. God is the only presence and power”.

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