Branding disease

October 25, 2010 | 2 comments

Here’s a must read article it you’d like to understand better how millions of people decide in a short period of time they have a problem they never thought they had until they started listening to ads telling them they had a problem.

“How to brand a disease–and sell a cure”

It’s an easy read and very illuminating.

2 thoughts on “Branding disease”

  1. This article is like any sales gimmick: Sell the sizzle and not the steak. Or Pavlov’s dog conditioning.

    Best macro version of this is the Democrat’s 2006 false mass lies about how terrible the economy is when in fact it was great. Four years later, Woops, Here it is! Or worse, the false conditioning promises of Obama Presidential hopeful. He sold the gullible US the sizzle.

    Most or all of the time, a lie is a lie and will always remain that way. The always SOLUTION is to turn away from matter to Spirit and not to believe anything as a physical solution.

  2. Excellent information, clarification, on how ‘popular’ diseases and their cures get started. Animal magnetism continues to try to convince mankind that it is a power to both cause and cure. Awakening from this dream is in process. The dream disappears, and what always was continues to be: God and Her creation, inviolable.

    Re Anonymous’ reference to politics: I see the one of the most troubling conflicts in our country today is the one where animal magnetism pits “Democrats” against “Republicans,” and vice versa. How obvious what is happening! Divide and Conquer, smirks A.M.” Why do we continue to fall for this?

    Well, just part of the Dream….

    No physical solutions, nor political ones!

    “I will overturn, overturn, overturn, til He come whose right it is.” (Bible ref., I believe. Not sure in what book.)

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