Check Your Expectations

March 26, 2014 | 7 comments


“The expected always happens.”

~ Benjamin Disraeli

Expectation is more than positive thinking. It can be solid conviction.

Be honest about your expectations.

Are they what you want to live out?

If not, they need to be changed.

Expectations are improved when placed in God, not in chance, physical sense testimony, disease, or any taunt of evil.

God is predictable, certain and reliable Good. But thought needs to be anchored in God’s goodness to feel its healing effect.

Check your expectations and be sure they are leading you in a progressive direction.

7 thoughts on “Check Your Expectations”

  1. My Mother always said “If you look for trouble, you’ll always find it.”
    One’s expectation should be on the side good, never the opposite.

  2. As usual Evan, this is very much important!!! Thank you for bringing your inspiration so beautifully again!

  3. Wonderful and so timely!! I have a couple concerns (expectations?!) that need to be uplifted and that is my goal – Also loved the pix of you and Kathy the other day!!
    Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! Hugs –

  4. Keeping positive in Spiritual Thinking seems to help in our expected results. We need to keep trying sometimes to reach our objective.

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