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December 27, 2017 | 28 comments


Every day we make a multitude of choices. The better our choice, the better the result.

One of the best choices made no matter what you face, is to love.

If confronted by an angry person, choose to love that person and see them under divine Love’s control.

If ever tempted to resent another’s action, choose to love that person and see why they are no threat to your happiness and success which come from God.

If ever provoked by another who wants you to get upset and angry, choose to love that person and see divine Mind’s influence alone.

If ever tempted to fly into a rage because another driver cut you off on the highway, choose to love that driver knowing that they can never cut you off or slow you down from getting to where God is taking you.

If ever tempted to feel sorry for yourself, choose to love God and remember all the blessings to be grateful for.

If ever tempted to feel left out, choose to love your neighbors more and know that you are just as included in God’s love and care as they are.

If ever tempted to feel alone, choose to love God’s companionship more, knowing that divine Love’s provision for you is full, complete and overflowing.

If ever tempted to think anything other than love, choose to love in all cases! Love is the pathway to Life. Love is what keeps us healthy and strong. Love is what makes us happy. Love is what watches out for us and ensures every need is met. Love is our All. Love is God!

28 thoughts on “Choose to love”

  1. Good morning, Evan. Thank you for bringing this article to analysis. It is very reassuring and brings a lot of peace. How good it would be if, under certain circumstances, this topic of today comes immediately to our minds knowing that Love governs and is there and before the temptation of error immediately change perspective. “Jesus saw in Science the perfect man …” says Mrs. Eddy and the Master came to show us the way, we must follow him. As Henry Drummond says “Three things are permanent … the greatest is Love”. Blessings to all, Evan and loving group.

    1. Yes, you are right Gustavo with Henry Drummond, he wrote the booklet “The greatest in the world” (Love). But Paul was before Henry Drummond writing that Love is the greatest in his first letter to the Corinthians, i.e. the whole chapter 13. And I suppose you know that chapter very well. That chapter shows clearly that LOVE under many other qualities is the very greatest!

      Without Love there can occur no healing!! God gives us this healing Love into our hearts! As Evan said “chose Love in all cases”.

      I tried to do it this evening in church when I listened to the reading from the desk.
      It is said that this reader is not so good in reading and his reading is not so inspiring. The same moment I remembered Evans today`s SpiritView, namely to love. And my heart went out to the reader to love him, because he is also God`s beloved child and is lead by God. That did good then, I hoipe also for the reader.

      I love the hymn no. 178 “Love is life`s true crown …”
      And the end says “Loving hearts in friendship blend,
      One in Him, our heavenly Friend!
      I love that specially.

      I am very thankful that Evan brings into our thinking, to love, love, love.

      Very much Love to all SpiritView Friends!

  2. Thank you so much Evan for this thoughtful & perfect blog post two days after C’mas. I often wonder if you realise how much encouragement you are giving to others, and how vital that encouragement sometimes is? I feel particularly grateful to have had this plop into my Inbox this morning.

  3. It has helped me to know that in expressing divine Love, we’re beholding someone’s true God-like nature despite outward appearances because that is how God, Love created them.

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful message. It is guiding me to demonstrate focus and purpose immediately. God (Love) is the only power.

  5. What a reassuring loving message! Thank you dear Evan. With a day of flights ahead. .long day… I feel surrounded and protected by God s love. Gratitude fills my thought

  6. This message met my need to overcome sadness at not being able to make the drive this week to visit nieces we rarely see. Interesting, since on first look, the topic did not seem to reach my sadness. But then–feel sorry for myself? Feel left out and alone? Nope, not me. Thank you

  7. When curiosity
    and discipline
    meet and make
    merry with a
    Loving heart
    and a mind
    dedicated to
    higher thought….
    The door appears,
    Love is the key
    The mind finds
    Peace and fulfillment,
    as it prepares for
    the next round
    of intrigue….

  8. Wrapping up in Love is a wonderful place to be. I appreciated all the different situations you brought up and yet Love was always the solution . When we live Love we will always be at peace.

  9. “The Christian Scientist loves man more because he loves God most. He understands this Principle, — Love. Who is sufficient for these things? Who remembers that patience, forgiveness, abiding faith, and affection, are the symptoms by which our Father indicates the different stages of man’s recovery from sin and his entrance into Science? Who knows how the feeble lips are made eloquent, how hearts are inspired, how healing becomes spontaneous, and how the divine Mind is understood and demonstrated? He alone knows these wonders who is departing from the thraldom of the senses and accepting spiritual truth, — that which blesses its adoption by the refinement of joy and the dismissal of sorrow.”

    Miscellaneous Writings by Mary Baker Eddy. Pg. 100:26

    Love to you, Spirit View Family, as we move along Love’s Path together, doing what we are
    destined to do: Love, love, love!

    “Love is a four-letter VERB!”

    Thank you for each loving word and deed, Evan, and all.


  10. Thank you, Evan! Just what I needed this morning, a reminder to dig deeper and really pray to negate suggestions that would try to disturb my thought. I so appreciate your daily posts.

    1. You included so many situations which I experience that I feel I must send you my gratitude. Normally all the other correspondents cover what i feel, but I couldn’t refrain from telling you how much your message today means to me. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

  11. Evan,
    I like it! Sometimes it is tempting to be pulled down into feeling sorry for ourselves and not seeing who we really are. Do we really know all the good God has in store for us? Do we have faith in it or are we mired in matter? When we do, we are filled with gratitude and our cups runneth over. If someone is angry, that is our opportunity to show them love. Maybe they are discouraged and do not know they are loved. We can show them. Sometimes, it is hard to know why someone does something – and, it may seem like it is personal. But, we can choose to not barb our own thought and it will never hurt us. In fact, it blesses us by giving us an opportunity to love and that benefits everyone. Thank you for the beautiful post! 🙂

  12. Thank you Evan and all commenters. I live in a townhouse by myself (17 years) but at 81 have never have felt alone. In keeping with what Patty said, I continually feel Love’s arms around me. Holding loving thoughts for years has brought two of my sons back together again. They even hugged at Christmas Eve function at my home and again at one of their homes where we all gathered for Christmas dinner. The greatest gift I could receive was seeing them together as brothers again. They are not CS. “”Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.” – MBE

  13. I wanted to add one other thing. It can be a fun challenge to win over an angry person. To show them so much love that the error is disarmed. To show them so much respect that they can not help but be pulled out of the mud. And, it will ripple and bless so many people. Hymn 315 is wonderful on this subject.

  14. Mary Ann, thanks for your sharing your experience. I can definitely relate to what you expressed about being alone which I have been and am several years older than you. Being alone doesn’t mean lonely, we are always surrounded by Love and His arms encircles us continually. I found that unconditional love had a healing effect on a very discordant long standing family situation. How blessed we are to have the teachings Christian Science has on Love (God) and the love we express divinely sourced from God.

    1. l really enjoyedthese two thoughts about being alone but not lonely. I too am in the same age bracket and have lived alone, with my cats, for two years, and I’m never lonely. I was alone on Christmas Eve and the thought occurred to me, Gee, I’m alone on Christmas Eve. Should I be sad? It actually made giggle because I was so happy enjoying myself and my space. I was so grateful for this and am always grateful for the access we have through the internet to share love and ideas of Truth. It’s terrific! And special thanks to Evan for all your wonderful inspirations.

  15. Here is a good verse from S&H, chapter 10, to include in our thinking on the infinite presence of God’s infinite love:

    “Divine Love is infinite. Therefore all that really exists is in and of God, and manifests His love.” So true.

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