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February 2, 2024 | 42 comments

If you’re ever confused about what to do, it’s a grand opportunity to trust more in God’s ability to resolve your dilemma.

God is an all-knowing, all-wise Mind. In the Mind of God, there is a solution to any problem you face, an answer to any question you have.

Confusion comes when we look everywhere but to God for the guidance we need. We may look to another person who is unclear about what to do. We may be waiting for time to pass hoping something better will happen in the meantime. We may be sitting around doing nothing, thinking that somehow, miraculously, conditions are going to improve for no apparent reason.

Confusion, uncertainty, doubt, are the product of leaning on material sense, trusting in worldly conditions, rather than in Spirit.

As the Psalmist reminds us, “In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion” (Psalms 71:1).

Clear up confusion. Trust God. Put your faith in a Mind that knows what it’s doing.

With God, there is no confusion. There is clarity.

42 thoughts on “Clear up confusion”

  1. Yes, very helpful – Thank you, Evan. It does seem as though there is much confusion in our national political leadership but that can be healed – maybe must be healed is better.

    1. Okay, thanks for your helpful comment.
      But you should not only SpiritView take as your name – that is Evan’s Blog! – but ad a name behind like I do, however another one. Thank you.♡

  2. Thank you, Evan, for this reminder! The next step for me is to “trust” wholeheartedly that the all-knowing Mind will reveal the solutions to me (to all of us)!

  3. Evan , it seems that you knew exactly what I’ve been having a problem with for some time regarding next door neighbours and now this post tonight is perfect for me!!!
    The words “ God’s solution” kept coming to mind then I read this !!

  4. Thank you very much Evan and SV Spirit
    Right now I am facing a though reality( mortal reality)
    About my dear wife , when yesterday after she went for the pet scan , the medical team announced her a not so friendly result and Picture. She is not a CS, so for me I can’t impose and talk about
    Science. Thank you Evan ,this morning you talked about “ confusion”And also the psalmist, “ let me never be put to confusion”
    Also “ put your faith in a Mind that knows what it’s doing
    It is such a huge help to know The Truth but also I hear it
    Many times I have to CLAIM IT, each passing day.
    Blessings to all For your support and presence on this universe’ corner .

    1. Dear Pp
      I wasn’t going to. Comment today but felt it might be appropriate to mention that I am in a similar position with my husband. Endless scans, medical appointments and diagnoses. I’ve found that it’s best to be supportive ( whilst clinging to what you know about man’s real spiritual being !) of their chosen route for healing or relief. It is the way to show love and understanding even if conversations get very materially bogged down at times. Your calm and prayerful thoughts will influence your home and the happiness in it. I found comfort too in remembering the time when Jesus paid the innkeeper to help an injured stranger by the roadside. There must be a lesson here. Sending much Love for your journey together.
      ‘ we love because He first loved us.’

      1. Whoops…that was the parable Jesus told …it didn’t quite read as I was thinking it through …. But I hope you get my point…

      2. Dear Pp and Barbara. I can very much relate as I had also gone through
        something similar in the past and it was quite challenging. Sometimes it
        seems there are huge question marks looming over things of “matter”,
        but in Reality, Real Reality, God’s Reality, the really Only Reality – what
        appears to be, is only an illusion, as the article shared by J declares. I
        know things can Seem very real in the “mortal” sense, but mortal sense
        can be very deceiving. I had recently had a dream where I was in a
        place which made absolutely no sense and waking up from it, I could
        see the absurdity of it. But in the dream I struggled to find my way out
        and what a relief when I awoke from it. I believe the dream-sense of
        mortal mind is like that. When awake to God’s Reality, matter of any
        kind just doesn’t matter.
        Things, to me, “mortally” become very confusing when I can’t seem to
        understand the Truth/God’s Truth of each situation. It can seem very
        frustrating and unsettling, making it difficult to know how to respond, but
        looking through a spiritual lens, we see things in a different light and I am
        so grateful to be learning how to see things more clearly through CS…
        an ongoing pilgrimage to Truth – God’s way.

    1. PURE MIND by Peter J. Henniker-Heaton
      God is pure Mind; He does not work through matter.
      Mind needs no outside medium to express
      its nature. All that Mind creates is wholly
      of mental and spiritual substance, nothing less.

      Man is pure Mind’s idea. Not made from matter,
      man needs no physical basis to sustain
      his individual life. Mind’s man and woman
      pure thought in Mind eternally remain.

      The pure ideas of Mind are not polluted,
      infected, poisoned, pressured, fractured, strained
      by matter. Their only atmosphere is boundless
      intelligence, self-renewed and self-contained.

      Pure Mind, controlling all in ordered action,
      governs alike the atom and the star.
      Wherever thought consents and hearts are willing,
      its instant healings and adjustings are.

      Mind has no place for matter in its eternal
      purpose. But wholly spiritual, wholly good,
      pure Mind’s ideas, coperfect with their Maker,
      unfold within pure Mind’s infinitude.

      Peter J. Henniker-Heaton

      1. Thank you very much “J” for the really good poem by Peter Henniker-Heaton!
        I love such absolute comforting poems like this one. It’s so full of healing Truths!
        It’s midnight here, and I can go to bed with these inspiring and uplifting and freeing, divine truththoughts! 🙂

    2. Thank you, J, for another beautiful article that you have been led to share. This one in particular, in conjunction with the topic and thoughts provided by Evan, are particularly helpful. When torn between two choices of action, or a need for a new idea and direction, it can seem daunting and contradictory to trust, rely and depend on God on the one hand and at the same time relinquish and extinguish all human planning and searching. I find myself at such times struggling to stop the shopping for a matter-based solution. (“Is it this, or maybe this would be better, or it there another way? How about if I were to do this or revise this or change that or do this more effectively? Maybe I need to scrap all this and try something else.”)
      We often can’t stop the spinning, whirling thoughts of “solutions,” depending on the panic behind the urgency. This article, by defusing, defanging and denying material sense, makes turning to spiritual sense and relying on the omniscient Mind much easier. Answers are not mine but Mind (God).

      1. Yes! William – your thoughts describe so much how mortal mind can try to play havoc
        on our harmony and peace of mind. God’s Peace of Mind should be an easy response,
        but it is not always so straight-forward as you had mentioned, when so many mortal
        ideas swirl around of what direction to take, sometimes, in our decisions through life.
        We think we are finally “settled” in a cozy home, beautiful nature surrounds, dogs contented, good distant neighbors, rural, peace and quiet, but outside forces tend to
        stir our state of mind with policies that are destructive to the way God has intended.
        mortal demands on trying to be in every facet of our lives, and senseless or lacking
        rules of conduct, crime, protests, etc., harboring chaos and discord, making things so opposite from just wanting to enjoy life in peace and contentment – the way God intended.
        I love how in the article (Thank you, J )…the writer’s experience with the restaurant
        turned out. I love when God’s plan is always better than what we could have imagined.
        When we open our heart and Soul to what God has in Mind, we open our true home
        to spiritual wonders that share in spiritual blessings. I love to share like that. As I am
        typing, there are beautiful colors of the sunset and I can feel God’s ever-presence and
        a pastoral scene. Very peaceful and lovely.

        1. PS. So sorry this is truncated when it posted. It looked
          fine when I typed it. mortal mind sure can try to make
          things seem like they are not sometimes. Illusions.

    3. Thank you very much “J” for that wonderful article by Andrea McCormick!
      After an important and good phone call with a member about a lecture we give to our town beginning of March I longed for healing metaphysical thoughts from God. I was lead to thoroughly read this article, and it was very helpful, filling my consciousness with truth and clarity. It is very worth studying, and tomorrow I’ll read it again.
      Am I very grateful for this loving SpiritView Blog of Evan, full of healing and uplifting ideas.
      Thank you all for the loving conversations! 🙂

  5. Life can seem to be very confusing these days, especially with so many things that do not
    make sense – that is – material sense. Insanity may be more like it when referring to some decisions made by so-called higher ups. But when we see God as being in control, One Mind, things are ok, natural and unconfused and unfold according to a Plethora Of Perfect Plans.
    mortal mind Tries to confuse our thoughts, sometimes greatly, where it is difficult
    to piece together what is developing or going on behind the scenes, so to speak,
    without actually knowing .. so it makes it difficult to understand at times. But tuning
    in to God’s direction and plans for us, sheds light on us, helps to guide us into doing
    what His intentions for us are. Especially in today’s world/economy… where lack seems
    to be a large issue – lack of funds, perfect environment, trust in which way to turn …
    turning to God’s way, whatever that is, brings us into clarity of what is really important
    and the Love of God’s caring is always there for us, to turn to and accept as His/Her
    precious children.

  6. Thank you Evan and all. Trust in the Lord and do good. This Bible verse tells us how to trust God. When we know that doing good is all God knows, and receiving good is all God knows and does then, there will be no confusion. Only good can happen at all times.

  7. Evan says, “Confusion comes when we look everywhere but to God for the guidance we need.” Yes the world looks confusing when viewed from the mental lens. Mortal mind is so limited and constricted and distorted in its interpretation of what is going on. It cannot help but be confused and try to make us think that its confusion is our confusion. But no, we are continually under God’s direction, guidance and influence. I pray to know that we can all be aware that God is the FIRST place to look for help, not the last.

    Blessed weekend to everyone, and glad we can keep sharing here throughout the weekend.

    1. You are so right, dear Rose, where you write, “mortal mind is so limited and
      constricted and distorted in its interpretation of what is going on.” mortally, we
      think we are starting to finally figure things out in the sometimes puzzlement of
      “mortal” life, only to have a monkey-wrench thrown in that confuses us even more.
      mortal mind is great at doing that, it Seems.
      We sometimes are pondering how to “take” things – i.e. “understand”, mortal confusions,
      when, like just now, a flicker came on to my computer desk. At first I thought I was
      seeing things, but then it happened again. It was a beautiful rainbow from a prism in the window, that the sun (the symbol of Soul governing man – of Truth, Life and Love – S&H 595)
      shone through between the trees for that split second. Just what was needed to spiritually
      brighten and enlighten thought, along with the wind chimes proving that God is always with
      us, like the wind, even if we can not see it. It is so inspiring when things like that
      happen when we need them most.

      1. Seeing a flicker of light, “just what was need to spiritually bring and enlighten though, ” proves to be just the ‘leader’ to healing, where I am sooooo glad that you shared the instant when you ‘saw’ the flicker of light.

        Went to re-load my blue chalk into my chalk holder, for marking our weekly lesson, after shaking the chalk holder numerous pieces of blue chalk appeared, so I thoroughly replaced each and every piece, no matter how small the piece was, into the chalk holder. I now have much longer pieces of blue chalk back inside the chalk keeper, and will continue to mark the lesson citations with a ‘stack’ of blue chalk pieces, supported inside the chalk holder. Keep ‘taking’ things, and turning them into thoughts needed spiritually to “brighten and enlighten’ though as you penned in your comment, supports the study and application of the inspiration which every weekly lesson comes along. Really gratefully. feel the strong and gentle inspiration,

        1. Thank you, chilisands, for your comment. It is wonderful when
          “signs” proclaim their inspiration to us, especially when heaven-sent
          and when they are needed just at the right time. It helps in keeping
          thoughts Spiritward.
          Your mention of the chalk pieces was interesting. Thank you for
          sharing your thoughts with us.

  8. I absolutely love all the photographs or pictures you display with the words of wisdom. You always come up with just the right photo for the message that day.

  9. A happy weekend to all! 🙂

    THE RIGHT TO CLARITY by Doris Kerns Quinn
    Refuse to be confused; declare your right
    To clarity, to steadfast, calm control.
    You do not serve a god of chaos, but
    You serve the one God, who is Principle.
    Though crowds may cry that all’s disorganized,
    The universe in tumult, ruled by chance,
    Stand for order, and be unconfused;
    Refuse to play the dullard or the dunce.
    You never knew a mortal, dreamlike mind.
    You never came from dreary Adam-dust;
    Your history’s in heaven, in the round
    Of harmony and everlasting bliss.
    Confusion’s not the medium of man:
    God has for you a perfect, ordered plan.

    1. Thanks J for the poem, a good reminder about reality and unreality. I love that line, “God has for you (for us all) a perfect, ordered plan.” His plan is always infinitely better than anything mortal mind could ever conceive.

  10. Wondereful dear “J”! Thank you very much for this freeing, healing poem by Doris Kerns Quinn!
    I take it with me into a lovely weekend with God at my side!
    I also wish you all a wonderful and lovely weekend ! 🙂

  11. Being in Spirit, on top of the world
    Away from the clamor of error’s din
    We find ourselves without a corporeal past
    In present only, spiritually blessed within

    Life’s beauty, in all ways whole and free
    From anything resembling a finite mortal
    We are hid in Christ, hid from a material world
    Led to and safe in Spirit’s forever portal.

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