How to conduct a successful meeting

January 4, 2018 | 24 comments

If you ever need to meet with people who hold a differing point of view from yours, it’s helpful to know ahead of time that only one Mind will be present at your meeting.

God is Mind, the one Mind reflected by all of creation, including every possible neighbor, friend, work associate, brother and sister you could ever have.

There are not many minds in God’s universe in conflict with each other. There is one Mind expressed intelligently and ably by every living being.

We all have much to learn about this truth to successfully demonstrate it, but there is no better time to start than now!

So, prevent conflict ahead of time, by knowing the truth about your meeting, that it will be a meeting only of the one Mind. That the one Mind understands itself, giving every person in that meeting the capacity to understand the other’s point of view, come to terms with it, and arrive at a mutual understanding that blesses one and all.

Meetings of the one Mind are productive and progressive.

24 thoughts on “How to conduct a successful meeting”

  1. Love this, Evan! Thank you, we should all be praying about BIG MEETINGS, too. The United Nations, the Congress and other legislative bodies in all countries, etc. One Mind IS being expressed clearly and mankind is responding according to divine principles (Principle being a synonym for Mind).
    Blessings on the New Year all!

  2. Good morning Evan and seekers of the Truth !. As always Evan a very useful subject. It is wonderful to work spiritually to be able to sit in a meeting, knowing that we are all reflexes of a single Mind, consequently the effect of the meeting should be productive, helpful … this is much more rewarding when it happens between strangers, or people who do not He has friendship, because the defiance is greater. That is why it is good to pray before we meet, to be fully aware that each person is one with the Father. Blessings and affection to all.

  3. Hello Grace, I agree with you. How good it would be if in an Institution as important as the Congress, it is legislated with the Truth. There would be great laws … and, logically, selfish and distorted interests would be left aside. Thank you for your comment and I also thank the other participants of this edifying blog.

  4. This is the Big Question (among Other Big Questions) that “humans” seem to have to grapple with: What does One Mind mean, when there sure seems to be 8+billion of them on our planet! (Think of all the “Meetings of the minds!”)

    My teenage grandson made this comment to me the other day: “I love what Christian Science teaches, in general, but I really don’t understand what it means to have One Mind.” (Referring to God, divine Mind) He is almost out of his teen years, has been in the CS Sunday School since age 2. His Q was a clue to me to have greater clarity on this all-important subject.

    And who am I writing this to, if there is only One Mind?! To “my” Mind? To my belief that there are “other minds” “out there” that will “receive” my ponderings and be affected by them? (Fyi and btw, I use quotes and parens frequently, for hopeful clarification purposes.)

    Our….Mind is having a Wonderful Day…so, I won’t say “Have a Wonderful Day!”
    (On the other hand, my human sense of things is that this is always nice to hear!)

    The learning-beat goes on!!


    1. Hi SpiritViewFan,

      Perhaps you could use an analogy of a play or TV show to explain the One Mind to your grandson.

      For example, suppose someone conceives of an idea for a lovely play and then hires a group of actors to act out that play. The author of the play also chooses to direct the play. The actors are acting out the ideas of the author/director. So in a sense you could say while the actors are acting out the play they all have “one mind”…the mind of the author/director of the play. Each actor is critical to the success of the play, but the ideas they are acting out are not their own. They are the ideas of the author/director. But each actor “acts out” the ideas of the author/director in their own unique way because of their unique identity.

      In the same way we are all critical to acting out (expressing) God’s (Mind’s) idea to achieve God’s purpose.

      1. Thanks for your helpful clarification, Brian.

        To summarize:

        Man expresses the One Mind and Its ideas, to achieve
        Mind’s divine purposes.

        We are all God’s ideas and can only reflect this Mind.

        What seems to be Mind but is not–evidenced by any “evil” it causes–is “mortal mind,” and the scenarios of mortal mind are dreams, not real.

        The seeming mixture of the above two is the human.

        Just needing to Get It Right. Is it?

        1. Hi SpiritViewFan,
          There is an article titled “Immortal Mind…Supreme in the Physical Realm” by Helen C. Moon that you might find interesting. Pages 37-38 in Anthology of Classic Articles III.

  5. I could hardly believe the subject you addressed this morning. It was so timely, (“Before they call, I will answer”). A loved one is involved in an all day meeting and your reminder that there is only one Mind was so helpful in putting thought at rest and expecting peaceful , wise, resolutions: And then to broaden it to cover the Legislative decisions–thank you so much for this, and for the SV group’s loving contributions.

  6. This was all helpful. Our society is so mentally contaminated that I can only pray that One Infinite Mind is in control.
    Appreciated your comment Grace. I also pray that Truth is omnipotent Supreme! Truth uncovers all that is erroneous . Much prayer is needed to resolve our lives.

  7. I pray with this very important idea of “oneMind” for my first grade classroom. It is ithe most valuable tool for having a harmonious day. I also used to struggle with the meaning of One Mind as used so often in CS despite growing up in C.S. Sunday school.
    To me I pray to get a clear understanding that God is the source of all intelligence and action. We all are governed by and reflect this all knowing Mind, hear God’s voice, are guided and shepherded according to His/ Her purpose and are obedient to God alone. I try to hold to the idea that not my will but God’s Will is being done. Then I listen throughout my day for that guidance. So often when I pray this way I find I am more flexible and able to see aniother’s Point of view. Also, there is a sense of harmony and peace that prevails over the day. When I forget to pray this way, It seems like their are a lot more disruptions and frustrations. I am very grateful for this teaching and also have been praying that Congress and the world leaders also reflect this one Mind. God is in charge .

  8. What a wonderful and expansive thought of how Truth is true in all instances. The one Mind governs all meetings, not just mine which includes a few people but heads of governments, big corporations, city councils, any meetings where differing human thoughts may meet. The one Mind indeed governs all.

  9. Thanks so much, Evan, for a very timely topic. This is just what I’ve been holding to in view of an upcoming membership meeting at church. We are not all individuals with different minds governing us, but all subject to the control and government of the one Mind, God.

    And I agree with the comment that we should apply this to all meetings regardless of size – especially nationally and internationally. Unity is the result of yielding to God’s will in all things and recognizing His omnipotence and ever-presence.

  10. Thank you Evan for reminding us at this so great Truth, that there is the ONE and only great Mind, who created us all as His reflections in order to express all His/Her creative, productive and progressive qualities to His/Her glory.

    Evan, it is so so helpful what you wrote in today`s SpiritView. So often I came into that situation in family meetings, meetings with friends and also in church meetings, where I should have applied this great Truth that the ONE Mind, divine Love, governs the meeting productively and harmoniously. In future situations now I will pray before these meetings for a harmonious, progressive and productive outcome, as Evan mentioned today.

    Actually we cannot but express only this ONE Mind, because out of this ONE Mind all ideas we need for every situation there could come up, are flowing freely and constantly to us as His beloved child.

    In this weeks Lesson sermon there is so wonderfully clear explained what God, our ONE Mind, is all about.

    I am grateful having this privilege to learn all that healing and progressive Spirituality in Christian Science.

    Thank you all for your helpful and interesting comments! 🙂

  11. As we know and accept God as 1 -no other God besides Him—we grow in understanding that He is the only Source of all good—therefore the source of all the good of divine Life, Truth, Love, MIND , Principle, Soul, Spirit. We let go of how the 5 material senses would define these concepts & turn our inspired , spiritual sense to understand the source of Mind—1 Mind because there is one God. Then we are able to grasp intelligence, wisdom, & more clarity in thought because the source is God—the one power. Divine Mind is the source of being as Genesis 1 explainsand Genisis 2 is the material sense of mind. Tks to all sharing today !

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