Cure For Worry About Tomorrow

February 28, 2014 | 12 comments

Do you ever worry about what might happen tomorrow? Do you fret over whether there will be enough money to pay the bills, sufficient understanding to the get job done, or love to keep the family united?

If you’ve ever thought about it, worry about tomorrow is manifesting lack today. A present belief of lack is being objectified into the future. And the cure is to accept what you already have with God today!

The one Mind that inspires with answers and solutions today will be just as active and helpful on any other day of the year. God doesn’t get better as time passes. God is the best Help possible now! Be truly grateful for that truth and live by it. It solves issues of today and tomorrow all at once.

God has enough understanding to impart today as any other day. God doesn’t get wiser over time. God possess all wisdom today, and it’s yours to receive and enjoy—today! Living this truth automatically covers tomorrow.

God’s love is big enough to keep your family united today. Divine Love doesn’t grow stronger or weaker over time. It’s abundant and brimming over. And it stays that way. Bless your family with this truth this moment, and that supports a happy morrow.

If you worry about tomorrow, you neglect the blessings of today.

As Jesus instructed,

“Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.” Matthew 6:34, The Message.

All the blessings you see in hand today will be with you in the future. They are spiritual, and they are permanent. Fret not, and enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Cure For Worry About Tomorrow”

  1. We loved your inspiring and uplifting article of abundant good from God, today, tomorrow and everyday. It gave so much confidence and courage to trust in the unfailing and reliable care of all loving, almighty and supreme God.

  2. Yes, thank you for expressing this so beautifully Evan. Time is put in its place – made as ONE- God’s time and not past, present, and future in three separate drawers:)
    sometimes it feels like there are three separate stories stored like clothes in time -belief drawers and we open and close the drawers so many times a day it gets monotonous and tiring.
    I am gong to watch for this today. Thanks so much.
    Very helpful to remember today.

  3. When I first came into the study of C/S, I thought all this stuff was just pumpous preaching.
    Not any more, it’s for keeping our thoughts focused on the better way to improve ourselves and the world. We all go through this, worry bit. The above blog isn’t pumpous preaching, it’s the best education ever. Thank you Evan.

  4. Thanks Evan. Just what I needed (but then I say that about most of your posts!) Also, I shared this on Facebook and got some great response. A friend saw it on FB and in turn shared it with her friends.

  5. OH, how lovely this is! Put so well, and bam! Truth is a healer for our thoughts. Falling back into the arms of God tonight with this profound understanding !—Merri

  6. This was so good, fresh that I had to write it all down . It helped me to see things about my supply in a kind of new way. Up lifting.

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