Deciding What To Do

June 6, 2014 | 7 comments

Do you ever have a tough time deciding what to do? Your mind may be filled with “I want to do this, or I want to do that,” but you’re not sure that what you want is the best thing to do.

One way to resolve this type of decision-making dilemma is to ask, “What is the spiritually best step to take?”

What we want is not necessarily the best outcome for us to have.

Do any of these desires sound familiar?

I want another dessert…
I want to tell my boss off…
I want to tell my husband how uncaring he’s been…
I want to veg out in front of the TV and do nothing all day…
I want a car I can’t afford…

The human mind is a master at justifying the pursuit of its wants, even when the effect of its fulfilled desire is bad.

Is another dessert really necessary? Will you build a healthier relationship with your boss, or your spouse, by yelling at him/her?

The person who wants to generate a good effect from the way they behave is wise to consider the moral and spiritual consequences of their actions. I find it helpful to ask, “What is the best action to take from a spiritual point of view?”

For instance, “Will it improve me morally to take two cookies rather than one? Will I be a better person as a result? Will it improve my relationship with my boss to get mad? Or should I look for a more loving way to work out our differences? Do I really need that car I can’t afford, or can I stay happy without it?

When your decisions are guided by “What is in my best spiritual interest to pursue,” you make decisions that bless you in the long run.

There may be some short term material sacrifice involved, but that’s okay. What you think you lose materially in the moment, will be compensated to you spiritually in far more desirable forms in the future.

What is the spiritually progressive action to take? Acting on this premise inspires wise decision-making that leads to happy relationships, a healthy lifestyle, a good attitude, always enough, and peace of mind.

“Unselfish ambition, noble life-motives, and purity, — these constituents of thought, mingling, constitute individually and collectively true happiness, strength, and permanence” Science and Health, p. 58.

7 thoughts on “Deciding What To Do”

  1. Can always apply this approach to more of my thoughts and acts. I found it helpful years back to stop the replay of this refrain: “I should do this, but I don’t want to…” by admitting that, hey, I really DO want to do what I should do. If I should do it, I really want to do it. Just realized that the earlier refrain wasn’t even true — ever. I wonder if your test question will help when I feel stuck with several conflicting “good things” to do? Will give it a try.

  2. How did you know this is exactly what I needed to read this morning? And Nancy’s point about realizing we really DO want to do what we know we should do helps me a great deal as well! The Light Bulb just went ON – thanks to you guys! Thanks!!!

  3. Thank you Evan for this. I have a TV set in my living room 45 inch screen with a marvelous cable service which I just purchased including TVO.
    In my bedroom I have a 13 inch set where it’s hard to read the closed captions. I thought of buying a 25 inch so that it would be easier to read the CC.
    But after reading your blog, I ask myself; “HMM, SHOULD I OR SHOULDN’t I.” Evan, you just might have saved me money.

  4. When I first started to study I found it easier for me if I had short declarations. I also tried to eliminate the word ‘should’ from my vocabulary . what I used to say was “What is the most intelligent idea?” With this statement, I couldn’t even stray to human thought. If I had said What is the smartest idea ? it would definitely be a human perspective because I would have instantly been comparing myself to others and their brains!
    Now I find just saying “God is” as a good way for me to start. I guess I still do better with short!

  5. Thanks for this Evan! Unlike Nancy, my refrain has been, “I shouldn’t do this, but I want to” have a second dessert, etc. Not ever true for me either! Or, I’ll just look at one thing on the computer… and suddenly so much time has disappeared.

    I was just wondering what to do today, and being productive is definitely the best choice. Getting off this computer is the starting place! Onward and upward, on my path to continue fixing my car (it’s being quite a demonstration)!

  6. Two cookies or one? How about 8 cookies or 3? That’s more realistic for me, but I get your point.

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