Disconnect health and age

September 29, 2017 | 22 comments


Many people believe there is a connection between age and health, that as one ages, health declines. But this is an error of belief to be overcome, not yielded to.

There is no connection between age and health. Age is a belief of mortal mind that time exists and is measured. Health is a state of divine Mind that man forever expresses as a child of God. Because there is no connection between the two, one can keep their health intact regardless of their age.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote,

“Except for the error of measuring and limiting all that is good and beautiful, man would enjoy more than threescore years and ten and still maintain his vigor, freshness, and promise. Man, governed by immortal Mind, is always beautiful and grand. Each succeeding year unfolds wisdom, beauty, and holiness” Science and Health, p. 246.

Health is spiritual. It is God expressed through us in the form of inspiration, intelligence, wisdom, joy, gratitude, spiritual mindedness, peace and any other quality of God that constitutes true spiritual being. The ability to express these qualities does not diminish over time. It remains forever the same—perfect!

Health does not age. It comes from God and keeps on coming no matter how many years we’ve seen roll by. It is eternal and forever ours to express freely and abundantly without limit.

22 thoughts on “Disconnect health and age”

  1. Good morning, Evan. Excellent your article. I love the phrase of Mrs. Eddy you added. One of my favorite phrases of Mary is that “no faculrad of the mind is lost”. That is excellent. Another thing we should stop thinking is that gray hair conditions us to loneliness, contempt, feeling useless … No !!!! We have to take into account that we have WISDOM, EXPERIENCE, VITALITY and so much more … to offer …. We rejoice and we are one in the Mind, the Spirit and the Truth. Thanks Evan and all your readers. Blessings and soooo happy day.

  2. the fruit of the TREE OF LIFE is increased longevity. It is the promise of this week’s lesson. Our task now is to see the unreality of the tree of good and evil represented by the carnal mind. Evan or readers, if I’m wrong I’m told to learn. Thank you.

  3. Good Morning, dear SV Family!

    Thank you, Evan, for your steady listening and responding to divine Mind, Love, and reflecting
    out into our SV family realm what you learn.. Really great!

    Re this other big topic, “aging.” (The other one being in this Week’s Lesson: 4th Section!). : One of our church members recently passed the 101 mark (tho who’s really counting!). She bounces out of bed each morning, smiling to greet God and The New Day, fixes breakfast for her household (well, ok, two!), reads the Bible Lesson and APPLIES it (!)
    …does various tasks about her home, makes cookies, etc, and praises God, Life, with joyfulness all the day through!! Take THAT, ole error-of-belief that God’s man ages!!

    Just sayin…


    1. Creation is ever appearing and expanding and must ever continue to appear and expand from the nature of its inexhaustible source.

      Author unknown

  4. I have the opportunity to witness this on a daily basis as I and my wife are taking care of her mother. My mother-in-law is over 100 in years but has gone through many healings as we progress through these past few years. I am very thankful to be a part of this experience and to learn this valuable spiritual lesson.

  5. Thanks so much to everyone who has commented, but especially to SpiritViewFan for relating the life experience of a woman of 101 years. It can be so tempting to blame age for any difficulties or limitations we may be facing (maybe as an excuse to keep us from correcting our thinking about something else) and KNOW that Life is eternal just as God is, and therefore unrestricted and unlimited.

  6. Thank you, Evan, for this helpful reminder.
    I read it while on the way to visit an elderly relative (not quite 101, but not v.far behind). Although unaware of your post, he proved it in good health and spirits. There is so much to be grateful for .

  7. Thank you Evan and everyone else for these lovely, helpful thoughts. It’s really creepy to realize how much mortal thought tries to make us take in the idea that a certain number of years makes us vulnerable to all sorts of ugly ideas. Just last year, I experienced one of these “big” birthdays. It’s amazing how suddenly ideas of aging aches and pains, other things appearing lessoned, etc., try to enter one’s experience, all because of a mortal sense of a few months or years. How silly that idea is if we hold to the truths shared above. I’m working on many of these thoughts and so grateful to be able to share the wonderfulness of CS with people of like thought. It’s very helpful. With grateful love to all,

  8. Thanks Evan for another great thought-starter! While this blog tends to focus on one teacher/writer’s human health perspective perhaps there is a much grander view to grasp when we consider the infinitude of the one Presence. Have we not extended a limited view of time and space beyond our physical bodies to all that we sense physically? A greater challenge may now be to acknowledge we still believe in time and space – age and decay and distance – in the belief animals, cars and organizations (habits) age and die, trees and rocks and planets and suns do too, and seasons are of our imagination. I must honestly challenge myself in my belief there is no passing of time, but winter is coming and I need to get new snow tires and a Fall tune-up!

    Just thinking..

  9. Thank you, dear Evan, for this important SpiritView on “there is no age, because there is no limiting time in God`s realm, in which we live and move and have our being.” Thank you that you so lovingly provide us every day with the spiritual view of the things in life! It is always so needed.

    Thank you for the quote from Science and Health. I would recomment to read the whole page 246 – it`s all about overcoming the assumpton of age.

    Thank you all for your loving and inspired comments 🙂

  10. Thanks so much, Evan, and others for your comments. I love Mrs. Eddy’s mention of the woman who was 74, and people thought she was 20 years old, and the statement, “Impossibilities never occur” from S&H 245:27 referring to this woman. She also states in a following sentence that “decrepitude is not according to law.” How wonderful! I had a dear friend who used to say if someone asked her age, “That’s an unlisted number!” Material belief wants to bind us with all this junk, and we can throw off the chains—they are not part of our being. God, the Creator, is ageless, and so are we as His image and likeness!

  11. I had printed out this message and was so grateful to have it to hand when a friend called as this was just what she needed to hear. Thank you

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