Do you expect spontaneous blessings from God?

October 30, 2015 | 21 comments

Here is a thought-provoking video for those who are intrigued by the response people have after receiving an unexpected blessing.

The producers of the film went to a Kroger’s grocery store, and staged a man to pay random customer’s bills without any warning. The film documents the surprised responses and exclamations of joy.

“Man pays for stranger’s groceries”

People were surprised and positively so, because they were not accustomed to having someone else appear out of nowhere and pay their grocery bill. Many were genuinely grateful and deeply moved by the random act of kindness. But the question that grabbed my attention was, “Are we surprised when God steps in and does something wonderful in our life? Do we expect God to step in and help, or do we live day after day figuring we have to struggle and toil and make things work all on our own?” If so, it can lead to a feeling of “Life is hard.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way. God is present, all the time. God’s love is here all the time. We can lean on it with faith, and there will be times when divine help appears in the most unexpected way and catches us by surprise. But we shouldn’t be surprised, for being blessed by God should feel like a normal occurrence whether it comes through another person or seemingly out of nowhere.

Expect God’s blessings every day.

This video was sent in by a reader. Thanks for sharing so I can share with others!

21 thoughts on “Do you expect spontaneous blessings from God?”

  1. Thank you Evan for sharing this video with your readers!

    I loved it! It shows positively that people believe in God and helping others! There are angels everywhere waiting to help you out. As Mrs. Eddy says “Angels are God’s thoughts passing to man”
    What a blessing Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures has been in my life!

  2. God’s unconditional love is everywhere. It is in action 24/7. Blessings and kindness bring out this fact daily! Makes me want to find more ways to express love today! thanks for sharing the video!

  3. That is so touching. Brought tears to my eyes, Evan. How powerful, the love for others, expressed, can be, for Both. Thank you so much for sharing this. Sharing Good brings such fulfillment and joy. Sometimes even the simplest gestures can make someone else’s day

  4. Ditto to the responses here.
    Love this video. The man doing the giving was gracious and the cashier was compassionate. I truly wish to be able to do that kind of giving.
    On a different scale –
    I gave away a few items around the apartment this week to people unexpectantly, it wasn’t the kind of response in the video but I did get thank you.
    Thank you Evan for sharing and your inspiration.

  5. Love these thoughts and comments! (Haven’t seen the video, yet…..) As you said in your recent Webinar, Evan, we are actually, Right Now, experiencing our Eternal Life and are actually Right Now, living in the Kingdom of Heaven. Open your Eyes…….Look and See! We are living in Spirit right now. God’s Goodness and Blessings are constantly going on…..if we but have the Eyes to See! Happy Halloweenie Beannie to All! (Remember……we’re all just wearing Masks…..!!)

    1. Dear Bevi: As a Student of C/S, I must speak out. Halloween is the most dangerous of all so-called Holowdays for it celebrates Witchcraft and not God’s heavenly harmonious bliss. It is mainly a celebration of death and destruction, curse and condemnation. C/S is none of this. I speak from experience, how close to dangerous encounters that Holoween brought to my family. It should be outlawed. I think that it adds to the horrors of today in the problems we have with ISIS, The Taliban, and Alquida. So let’s pray for its demise instead of giving it the blessings it doesn’t deserve.

      1. Maybe in our thoughts we shouldn’t GIVE Halloween power over us in any negative way. Firstly there IS NO death so it is not to be feared if people celebrate it : God does not give us the spirit of fear or the ability to feel threatened by a tradition or event which is tantamount to actually believing in witchcraft itself. One practitioner I know sometimes says he likes to laugh at error as this breaks the mesmerism of feeling the “seriousness” of a situation. I agree with what you are saying about the fact that there are enough horrors in this world , but maybe sometimes we can neutralise the potential “seriousness” (seeming reality) of bad situations or something we are afraid of by making light of it. The fear is our enemy not the thing. I like to think of the young girl, Malala Yusefsai who stood in front of her Taliban attackers and said “I am not afraid of the Tali” .

  6. Thank you so much. Made me cry and cry with love. So wonderful to witness the acknowledgment of God’s goodness!!!

  7. I was so touched – tears of sweetness in my eyes. I was especially happy at how many immediately thanked God – saying “God is good,” and “God is excellent!” I was surprised no one chased the man as he left. Maybe because they instinctively gave the credit to divine Love more than to a person. So interesting. And Evan’s comments enrich the video tenfold – that we can all expect God to step in to every moment of Life, and feel the same joy and loving hug that each of those customers felt. Thank you!

  8. Thank you Evan. It made me cry. I’ve been on both sides and both are equally a blessing – Love’s arms lifting you up.

    God is so good and Good is so God. (I love to take “God” in that statement and substitute it with the OMNIs – omnipotent, omnipresent, omni-action, etc.)

    Will look for more ways to be about my Father business.

    Thanks again.

  9. Answer to my prayers to read this today; I have struggled to share with my son, GOD is PRESENT all the time, even when he feels separated from his grandmother, bullied, or oppressed. Feelings of helplessness have been my struggle, as God reveals to my son I AM PRESENT!

  10. Along with many of the other comments, this brought tears of joy – what an inspiring video.
    Thanks so much!

  11. Thank-you for the wonderful video and message. It brought tears to my eyes also.
    what a perfect place to see Gods love blessing all Her individual children, in a grocery store. So perfect. My day is much brighter now. Thanks again.

  12. SO SO So beautiful. Thankyou for showing this…wonderful that so many people immediately thank GOD…not the man…they all acknowledge that all good is from God…sometimes through another .

  13. Thank you Evan. Although I often do this type of giving to others, I have been the recipient numerous times, usually in a small way. At the drive-up window of Starbuck’s my bill was $5.78 for a roasted tomato, mozzarella, spinach panini. The clerk said I owed nothing as the driver of the car ahead had paid my bill. I in turn paid the bill for the person behind me.

    At the grocery store one day I picked up almost $50 worth of items I had forgotten day before. Clerk tried rewards phone number which, at that time never worked. Man behind me said they could use his number. Clerk said he would have to check with manager. Man said, nevermind, I want to pay her whole bill. Again, clerk had to check with manager. He said manager told him it was absolutely OK and to tell the recipient to accept the loving gift and not take the giver’s joy away. I thanked the man, who said to pass it on some day. OF MORE SURPRISE was the fear reaction from people I told about this. Almost all said you should never accept anything like this – there is something evil behind it. He could have followed you home and bad things happen, etc.!

    We can always be grateful for good and fear not!

  14. The number of comments is telling, to me. The strong, clear, visual impact of seeing
    unselfishness in action is a huge teaching tool. Brought tears to my eyes, also. I remember
    being a single mom with little funds for groceries. I could relate to those sweet shoppers
    who needed not only a $ boost, but the clear message from God that they are loved, unconditionally.

    Thanks once again, dear, unselfish Evan!


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